So its almost like all the forces [not natural] have been wanting to stop this blog post. I mean like I literally had to be singing to network but all the same it’s fine. Though the post should have come a little bit earlier. Hello people [me in my overly smiling face]. Let’s cut to the chase shall we…

I wake up this morning then all of a sudden, I drift to one of my mini worlds in my head [don’t be confused, I have my private zones scattered in places that I and only I can slide into them whenever I like]. So yeah, I was thinking of how easy it is for peer pressure to be created and yielded to.

Well let’s go down on some little history. Back in high school, I used to be this girl that was everywhere and people knew to an extent [still got that part in my veins though]. I was extremely huge on my social media, all about exploring and meeting people some of which I haven’t even seen till date. I was crazy about pictures, I mean memories mean a whole lot to me. I could even take a crying picture no matter how ugly it would be. All of a sudden I get into the university and slowly, unpurposely things begin to take a different turn.

Now I want a very low key and private life. I don’t want anybody getting into my business. I’m still huge on my social media but to particular people and today it was looking like yes the old me surfaces to the people that are very close to me and comes out to strangers once in a while. It’s like LOIS what are you possibly scared of and what do you think you can’t handle.

Yes I’m scared of scandals [damn!! I don’t want nothing hunting and trolling me in the nearest future]. I love my name, don’t take me for granted and don’t stain my name with dirt. That’s where the peer pressure comes in but let’s look at it from another perspective.

Sometimes you keep part of yourself away from people and when the greater piece of the part of yourself you kept away surfaces, you tend to want to over do it, probably because you’ve forgotten how It all used to be.

To everybody out there, before you get pressured into something, look carefully at the angle it’s coming from and you’ll know how to deal with it. If its something you’ve never tried, you know you are up against a stranger you can only ask people who know it and people who have been there to help you manipulate and manouever it. If its something you’ve faced once, think carefully and plot a mary go round.

Well, I think I’m going to let part of me out again though my private life is still in check trust me [the beauty about LOIS]. Time to top up my friendly game.


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