Hello people, so I’m back from my short sabbatical I would call it. Courtesy demands that I apologize for my absence and I’m sorry. Well I won’t be around next weekend either so I’m telling y’all before hand. I’m back and I’m going to tell you what happened in your absence but first…


That was part of my weekend, I got the hang of Benin City, went swimming, made new friends and lots more. You could catch up on all the details on my personal column T.R.L https://theloistalk.com/t-r-l/

So, I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what I’ve got to say on this post, I’ll cut to the Chase. Over the weekend, something happened that made me really down and I did something I had never done before. I talked to someone that I’m not in the least close to and I shared my problems, after all he was trusted.

You know the bad part about it, have you ever poured out your heart to someone expecting to get a reply, something soothing to calm you down and then you get an answer less than expected. Well your case is better than mine, at least you got an answer. I never got a reply. I was left to myself alone and fine maybe he was busy with pressing issues but this goes to everyone out there including me, if you put yourself in a position that people come to you for advice, always make yourself available and don’t take it for granted. You don’t know the life you are saving.

Well, I haven’t written in a while and so I channeled everything to my number one companion ‘writing’. I haven’t written in a while but Here are my thoughts..

Pensive, pending and disarranged thoughts was my solemn imprisonment. Laughing to myself, having to put up with the façade and absolute delusionment. It was almost like my heart was cached and it needed to be de-frozen, asking myself how I felt when a part of my body wasn’t functioning well. Definitely the other parts suffer it too because more pressure is released. Now this was the puzzling part, only one part was taking in all the pressure. I paused to think, was it really only one part suffering it. I mean my heart feels it but before it does, I think the brain should have passed the signal to it but then not just two, many more parts were meant to be functioning.

Like my mouth, yes it was meant to be doing the shouting and screaming and breaking dowñ, my eyes were meant to be producing the water. I couldn’t supress my hands because it had to make my speeches for me. It was my only external voice. Nobody cared enough for the internal voice and even If they did, that voice decided on its own to stay mute and feigning dumbness did it to with untampered pride.

Temporary things sold to the highest bidder. The other buyers should be somewhat lucky I should say, only if they knew. But then again, if they knew they would also want to top their biddings, warned by the old bidders of the challenges and joyful melo drama. Yes I was one of the bidders and my opinion was confusing..sometimes it seems like the challenges were more, other times that the joyful melo dramas should never come to an end but I could liken one to be a function of another, once you scale through the challenge the other follows suite.

I was at that point again..and I knew I had to scale through once again because I was one of the top rated looked for bidders. I would say I was a calm and silent expert of the game but if and only if it was a game, it was more than that. Everybody had their distinct rules, their most priced players, above all, their skills and techniques. Like I said, it was more than a game, it was love and we all get to choose our PLAYERS