Hello people and how is everyone doing?. I hope everybody is doing great and if your are not, I hope you are pulling through with whatever challenge you are facing. Well today, it is not going to be about me, what I have to say or what new stuff I’ve learnt. It’s about creating awareness to help society in any little way you can and I just happen to have this beautiful Ghanaian friend. SHOUTOUT!!! to all the GHANAIANS in the house, this one is coming straight from your country. Well, I had the opportunity of interviewing her, her passion for the project outreach she’s working on, her challenges and set backs and a host of other things. Let’s make welcome my W.C.W [Woman Crush Wednesday]. DRUMROLLS!!!

MISS MAVIS ASHIE [C.E.O Women in Action Group]

So we are about to go to the interactive section conducted with Miss Mavis by [LOIS TARIKABOR], in the form of a dialogue.

Lois: Hello Marvis, so you have my Wednesday and I’m totally amazed by your works. Actually, the first thing I said to myself when I saw the visuals was “woow, this is simply beautiful and amazing”.

Marvis: Thank you Lois for this opportunity, I’m really honored and grateful.

Lois: Kindly do the honors of talking about yourself in your own words and in whatever way you want. Yes, not to forget your passion for Social Transformation and Empowerment.

Marvis: Okay, My name is Marvis Ashie, 24 years of age and I’m a Ghanaian. I’m a graduate from the University for Development Studies-Ghana, where I pursued Integrated Community Development as a program. I have a Pessimist Personality and I believe in social transformation through enlightenment. This noble world view I carry, has triggered my passion for the well-being of humanity, as such initiating an NGO that would stand for Social Transformation through empowerment. However, the success of a vision lies in its strong financial grounds and this has been quite a challenge. Not withstanding the aforementioned, considerable efforts have been made in touching lives and reaching self-fulfillment in the society. This would be made evident in a picture presentation [later]. I hereby in humility, kindly appeal on great minds, to support a good idea and initiative for the celebration of humanity.

Lois: Very impressive I must say, What are your intentions regarding world outreach with your project?

Marvis: Plans are in progress to liaise with International NGOs who share the same vision and believe in the mandate of World Vision, such that my strive for societal transformation through empowerment becomes a global phenomena.

Lois: That’s beautiful, what specific areas in relation to societal transformation are you looking at?

Marvis: Empowering marginalized groups such as disabled persons, Feminine Hygiene and Mentorship though education.

Lois: Can you please throw more light on “mentorship through education”.

Marvis: I will use myself as an inspiration for young ones to yarn for higher education, I would also select brilliant but needy students on sponsorship through solicited funds.

Lois: What means do you intend on soliciting grants?

Marvis: Through Proposals

Lois: How sure are you that your proposal are going to pull through?

Marvis: If the proposals don’t pull through, that wouldn’t be the only means. Support would also come from family and friends.

Lois: Thank you so much Marvis, it’s been a wonderful time in the house with you.

Marvis: Thank you so much, I appreciate.

Well, we’ve all heard what Miss Mavis has to say and I think she’s started a very good course to impact society through societal transformation and empowerment. Below are some pictures of her works.

This is a wake up call to every youth out there, start something to change the society for the better in your own way no matter how small and watch your impact spread gradually and effectively to your family, friends, community, society and the world at large.

To contact Miss Mavis:

Facebook: Mavis Ashie

Instagram: Mavis Ashie

Whatsapp: +233241662979