Finally I’m back from my weekend, well I told you guys that I wasn’t going to be around. My weekend plan was extended to Monday and I came back really exhausted so I resumed work today. Hope you guys didn’t miss me too much, all the same I brought lots of gist-like goodies but education has called it [information]. So let me cut to the chase, I’ll start with Saturday, Friday had no plan just to arrive at my destination and that was it.

Saturday, I told y’all that I was attending a wedding but these days, when a young lady tells you that she’s attending a wedding, most of the time she’s not going for the church part but to the reception. I and my friends started our make up by like 8am and finished by 12pm [I know what you are thinking, what are they putting on their face], well that’s not even the best part of the story. We dressed up very well, on our arrival we found out that it was a traditional wedding ceremony we were attending. This was too funny because we were looking like foreigners from “THE ABROAD”.

The hype I put for the wedding was real because I had never attended a wedding ceremony on my own before without family. Only for me to find out that it was both a traditional and white wedding ceremony in one. At first, it sounded awkward but in the end I’m like ‘what’s the big deal ?’. Two people come together to celebrate the love they have for each other in a small way with few family and friends. Not everybody can afford a huge ceremony and separate their days, but the major thing was that on the happiest day of their lives, they had people to celebrate and share in their joy with them.

We went to the movies after that, then the next day was my sisters birthday [I don’t want to say anything about that but just a hint, watch out for my W.C.W]. It’s high time I introduced y’all to the tiny and different version of MISS LOIS TARIKABOR. The day after was a friend’s birthday. You could check out all the pictorial detail https://theloistalk.com/t-r-l/. Apart from movies, I also visited some areas around my initial vicinity, children hawking, prostitution and all of that.

Ever wondered why I said “INSIGHTFUL FUN”. I was having my fun with my friends but deep down, I was very conscious of what message every place or activity had to pass across. Along the line, I was like I wonder what society has made people do and one of my friends told me “IT’S BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS EASY”. I really couldn’t let go of that word and with everything that was going on and happening, the basic message from everything was that everybody in the world needs GOOD. Even if it’s in a very minute form.

Yes, some people might have already given up on themselves and when you try to do good to them, they get puzzled and can counter act, some of them can even decide to purposely frustrate your life so that you can give up on them. Trust me, deep down they wish you just continue so that they can have something to look back on and smile, they are just giving you a tough time because they really want to be sure that what they are experiencing is true, real and something they can bank on.

So to everyone out there, keep doing the little good you can to anyone you meet, try to make the world a better place in the little way you can “TINY DROPS OF WATER MAKES A MIGHTY OCEAN”.