So I said I was going to share the little experience I had that made me feel like a house wife. My friends went out and I was the only one, I really do not know where the strength came from to do the chores but I just found myself cleaning the room, the toilet and making everywhere really clean. After I was done with everything, I asked myself “is this how being a house wife feel like?, then after I’ll now have my bath, have a make over and go shopping for groceries. Well, that was just a mini-experience, mixed with imagination. Not going to happen for me.

Moving on, before I dish out what’s meant for today, something really out of the world happened yesterday [I know you’re wondering what that is but I’ll tell you all the same, the traffic was explosive]. So I want to give a SHOUTOUT!!! to all my faithful readers out there, to the people who send messages and emails encouraging me and telling me how to progress and move on with my blog, to the people who have learnt from the things I’ve said overtime. You guys mean a lot to me and I just want to use this medium to appreciate you because everyone needs to be appreciated.

Time to cut to the chase. Yesterday, I gave you guys a hint on who my [Woman Crush Wednesday] was going to be and it’s no other person than little MISS SHARON TARIKABOR, that’s my junior and only sister. So I’m doing this now because I give birthday shout-outs and I wasn’t around for her birthday so no better compensation than this.


For one, she’s a girl [okay let me stop fooling around]. I’ll start with a little description just incase you see her on the way and you recognize her, you can always say hi. She’s taller than I am, I really don’t know my height, she’s light skinned, keeps a virgin hair, a little bit thick in size [not fat and not slim]. Full eye brows, loves dancing and anything hip-hop, ballet related. Such combination but more of hip-hop all the same [you could check her instagram handle.. SHADETARI].

Well, when I told my sister about me starting a blog, she used her usual word “that’s cool”, she continued “I also wanted to start a dance page on instagram too but you know I’m in school and nobody will monitor it for me”. Then she asked ” Lois can you help me monitor it when I’m not around”. It’s funny how I’m all smiles typing this . So my little sister can be very dramatic, talkative indoors and very quiet to strangers. Very playful, extremely intelligent and humble to a fault. I forgot to add, very beautiful. My brothers always get confused whenever they try to compare the beauty and they end up giving up. She gets worried over little things that are not supposed to matter.

To start saying all of my sister, there would be no end but here’s my late birthday message…

To the only sister that means the whole world to me, yes sometimes we disagree but then its life we have to disagree to agree. I pray the sky will be your starting point, society honors your innocence, love doesn’t disappoint you, life challenges doesn’t break you, friends and family do not forsake you, hope becomes your forte, trust doesn’t deceive you, appreciation shows you the way, generosity harbors your blessings and above all God orders your steps in his word. Words are not enough to shower all the encomiums in my heart, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE.