Hello people, so I really cannot describe my mood in one word but I think the ladies in the house can relate on this one, okay everybody should. That moment when your brain gives you a list of so many things you have to do but in the actual sense, they are actually not too much and your mood just swings from level 100 to ground zero. Then it just seems like you are tired of life when you’ve not even gone half-way. Someone please cure my malady. It’s June the 1st and I almost forgot to say HAPPY NEW MONTH.

So I couldn’t have enough of my weekend and today’s post should have come earlier but I decided to keep it for today. I’ve read books, talked to people and practically done a lot and today I really want to share with you “ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHEATING”. Now, let’s do a little bit of familiarizing education. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not talking about the cheating you do in the examination, I mean the real world cheating In A RELATIONSHIP SETTING.

Taking deep breaths…This is me acting like I’m in a classroom. There are two types of cheating..[1] The seemingly helpless cheating and [2].. the intentional cheating

The seemingly helpless cheating.. We are all humans and we have feelings. The males have X.Y CELLS and the females have X.X CELLS [SHOUOUT!!! to biology and KYLE X.Y fans in the house], not to forget humans are sensitive to touch [I think that’s were irritability comes in, I’m not so sure though] . Now to paint a scenario, you happen to go on a trip with friends, both male and female and you all are staying in a hotel. The bed can contain all of you, very good but then the contact between you and the guy is really close and your body starts reacting.

Now, that’s SEEMINGLY HELPLESS cheating because firstly, you weren’t the only one who planned the trip and secondly, the whole bed positions and everything couldn’t be avoided. In this case if you can’t control your mind to further control your body and you cheat, you can be forgiven. Just a tip, if it eventually happens and your partner forgives you, then you have to start working on your mind power seriously.

Moving on, the INTENTIONAL CHEATING.. This one doesn’t need so much of an explanation or a painted scenario. You let yourself fall into the situation, even if you don’t, you know you could avoid every temptation but you just let yourself. The thing with intentional cheating is that it has causes. Either things are rough in your relationship, your man ain’t giving you enough attention or your woman ain’t giving you what you want. INTENTIONAL CHEATING is actually the main cheating people really experience because most cheating cases that happen can be avoided.

I’ll give my opinion on MY CHEATING THEORY by tomorrow, so expect the CHEATING THEORY [2] . Right now we have some birthday SHOUTOUTS!!! to do.


So this young lady has been tagging along with me all the way from kindergarten till high school were we parted ways for our university. She’s beautiful, elegant and you really can’t deny the poise she carries. I cannot forget to add intelligent. She’s my analyst, always analyzing the details of a matter together , the pro’s and con’s, what can go wrong and right at the same time. I love her to bits and she alone can understand the kind of relationship that we both have. I love you hun, hope your day was swell. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


I think I got the name without asking him and he’ll probably be wondering where this young lady came from. Mr. versatile in music, not that he’s very perfect though but he looks for every opportunity to up his game and that’s amazing. He also has other “amazing” qualities, if you recognize him anywhere you can always stop by to ask him about them. I cannot forget he’s ever faithful, so all the ladies out there asking if faithful and loyal guys still exist, you can always place a comment and I’ll drop his contact. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR.