So this post was meant to come yesterday but network determined its fate I guess, well I apologize on its behalf. Let me just branch into something really relatable, we all can relate to this scenario were as university students you’re been giving your monthly allowance for a particular period and you end up squandering most of it on fashion, make-up, weaves, nail-polish, jewelries. Just one thing or another, for the guys it could be this really nice pair shoes and different stuffs. Well that’s my current plight and I’m not in my father land. I have to apply some survival skills and start praying for God to rain down money and favour.

Basically, this post is about MY TAKE ON CHEATING. The first part of this post, I talked about cheating having two types and I said the most common one that people face unfortunately is the INTENTIONAL CHEATING and that’s really what I want to dwell on today. Before we go full time on intentional cheating, we need to look at the type of the relationship you are into because that’s one major factor.

So I was talking to one of my very good friends and I’m like I don’t know if I should say relationships are over-rated or over-emphasized. I mean, its almost beginning to look like that’s one “huge factor” for scaling through TEENAGE HOOD. Funny how it has really been abused. Relationships are meant to be everything in one, were you can experience love, care, humor, appreciation, support, be yourself, learn understanding and basically be a better person and the list is long but NO!. That’s not what our modern day relationships are built on.

To the ladies, you see a guy his hot, sexy, everything outwardly and all of a sudden you want to date him, forgetting that the content of a man is not determined by his status or outward appearance but by his character. You get into the relationship and the whole ball game is different and regrets start and maybe he can be so intimidating that with your type of person you can’t pull out.

To the guys, you see a lady she probably looks decent and you start thinking she’s the miss perfect. You eventually date her and she wants to finish the money in your bank account. Well let’s be realistic and tell ourselves the truth, not every relationship is meant to lead to marriage and that’s perfect but then society has provided lots of names for all of these, there are [Friends with benefits, side chicks, play boy, maga 1]. The list is long, make your choice but don’t use the word “BOY FRIEND or GIRLFRIEND [with all level of INTIMATE SERIOUSNESS]”. Trust people, they can be manipulative and tell you they have many boys that are their friends hence the INTIMATE SERIOUSNESS.

If you want to be serious in your relationship, make it work. If you see it’s not working, call It off for the greater good and to avoid any party being hurt. I mean, no one deserves to go to bed wondering if they weren’t enough or what they didn’t do right. Its really wrong. Know the reason why you’re getting into a relationship and if you want to be a play boy or girl for the satisfaction of your youthful exuberance, that’s fine but know the name to call it.

That’s one major cause of INTENTIONAL CHEATING. The bottom line is know were you are headed, have control of your mind and not the other way round. EVERYTHING AND ACTION STARTS IN THE MIND BEFORE PUT INTO PRACTICE. MIND POWER IS KEY, MASTER IT AND WATCH YOURSELF DO WONDERS.