Well, some things can really be annoying but I guess that is life for you. I’m sure we can all relate to a scenario where you type something really important and you think you’ve saved the document but in the real sense, you haven’t. That’s the condition I’m in right now. This post was meant to come in earlier but then, it got deleted. I mean it’s really annoying and I would have cancelled for tomorrow but today is a very special day in the life of a very close friend and if I don’t make my congratulations to him known to the whole world, then posterity would not judge me well.

So I’m going to begin with how it all started. I’m pretty sure he’ll be really surprised because he never saw this coming. This happened over a year ago, so I was sitting afar of and there was this small and cute guy that every girl wanted to talk to and being the kind of person I am, I determined in my heart that I must talk to him and make him my friend[he’ll be really surprised at this information].

I walk up to him and we eventually talk for over 2 hours. That was interesting for a first time but I was still observing. I got to realize with time, that he was this person you could just open up to without the fear of being judged even if you’ve never met him before so we talked a few times and late last year when I wanted to start my blog, I tell him. He’s like “wow Lois, that’s amazing. You are an inspiration and I wish I started out early like you”. I can read meanings into peoples words a lot, so I get thinking to myself that I haven’t known this guy for a long time and he sounds like he believes in me more than I do.

I keep my observation to myself and when I eventually start the blog, I tell him, he drops some words of advice and his words can be so deep that I put them on this blog or I just keep it to my heart as food for thought. During the last days of being in school together, it was something I cherished a lot and looking back I was grateful that I never took his friendship for granted. I was happy that I was able to learn from him and also teach him some few things too.