So before I say anything, this time off was not planned but then you need space to get yourself together sometimes. I’ve made it a habit to always check my spam messages because you’ll surely get something encouraging to boost your spirit for a new post. One article people have come to love over time is BONDING WITH ADAPTATION. I really do not know what I wrote in there but I would re-read that If I were you.

Well, I’ve been all about healthy living these past few days, Youtube has been my best-friend. It’s funny how I started out this year with lots of health measures [more water, no soda] . I think I wasn’t quite realistic because this is my summer break and I can’t count how many times I’ve taken soda. Literally went from a level ALMOST 100 to a ground Zero. Enough with all chit-chats though, I was just really trying to go all educational these past few days and do up some research.

About MATURITY IN CULTURE. Well, I think most of you already have a hitch on what this is all about. Growing up, I can remember very clearly that when discussing with your friends and you were asked what culture or tribe you would love to get married from and you would say your tribe or a tribe not to far off. Now, trying to keep this real, I was out with my friends, we went shopping and something happened along the line. This seller wanted to create a scene because we bought from someone else while patronizing him first. It wasn’t something that should have been blown out of proportion but knowing how some marketers can be, I mean some of them don’t get any buyers for days and it could be really painful.

Now to all the FOREIGN READERS out there, let me introduce you to the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria [Igbo; which is the east.. Yoruba; which is the west and Hausa; which is the north]. Nevertheless, there is a minority group but very huge though not compared to the other 3. It is called [Ijaw; which comprises of mostly southern people]. Back to the mater, so e all are trying to dissolve the scene and calm the marketer down then one of my friend says “all these Igbo people, God forbid”. She was Yoruba.

That hit me so bad, I mean I’m not from either tribes but let’s assume an Igbo person was around the corner and overheard, that could make the person feel bitter or someone hot headed, that could lead to another fight. It’s fine that we all are from different cultural backgrounds and ethnic groups, but we should learn to be very mature when going the cultural way, I just learnt that; because VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE. No culture or tribe is perfect, I could go on and on about character personalities to expect in an Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa or Ijaw man and each would have flaws in them.

Your tribe may be known to have rich monopoly in some areas, we know the Yorubas have the crown for parties, the Igbos hardwork and resilience, the Hausas ; vegetable cultivation, the Ijaws ; rich culture. Tribalism has already hidden itself under the guise of corruption and we need to stop being tribalistic to stand as one in unity. No matter what tribe you are from, tribes depend on each other and cannot act in isolation. That is where CULTURE comes in. It Is the WAY OF LIFE OF A PARTICULAR GROUP OF PEOPLE. We have to respect that way of life, from food to dressing and the list is long. Never forgetting that VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.


So I go really way back with this young lady, there are some deadly throwbacks that you really do not want to see. All the same, words cannot express how much I love her. Happy birthday hun, I wish you all the best. I’ll let the few pictures do the talking.

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