I really do not know how to begin this particular post but just a tip that’ll totally be useful, whenever you feel choked up with mood swings, lots of people around and crazy thoughts. The remedy for it is [alone time+ music], I forgot crazy friends. Trust me it doesn’t work for everybody but it works. Then sometimes, you can get into writing like me, drawing or anything that makes you feel better.

So yesterday, I was seeing a movie and there was this line that hit me. I mean I literally had to pause to think about it “after-all, love is slavery“. Let’s deal with the analysis. You love somebody so much as to get into a relationship with the person. Now, when I mean love, I’m for real here. I don’t mean money love or materialistic love, I mean HEART love.

You get into a relationship with this person, your love is patient, understanding, sacrificial, compromising, and the list is long. Basically your love Is everything that people wish to have and you and your partner are couple goals. Now, let’s take a break and look at it from another angle.

There’s this guy or this girl that sees love as slavery, you ask him why and he says. Being faithful is boring, why should I stick to one girl when I can have as many as I want and so many other excuses he might come up with. Here’s the breakdown, it’s fine that you can have as many girls as you want but you are never going to be real with different girls at the same time. I’ve come to learn that a love that is not real is a purposeless love. Not only that, you might try to hide it but deep down you know there’s this feeling of EMPTINESS amidst everything you’re doing.

I’ve heard lovers say there’s no feeling in this world that can replace true love, you having a human diary where you can tell everything to, love the person, share beautiful memories, be yourself without being judged, help you with your challenges, be your shoulder to cry on and the list is really long. Now, how can that be classified as slavery.

SHOUTOUT!!! to all the people out there who believe in real love. The truth is bitter but only shallow minded people who are yet to experience real love will tell you that it is slavery. Truth be told they are envious of what you have and would kill to feel and experience what you are experiencing. Stay strong for your love and be examples for others to know that real love exists . Don’t back down for anyone.

To all the people who think Love and being committed is slavery. I hope you get to realize that it is not and get to experience it for yourself. Never judge a book by its cover or base your judgments on other peoples belief, thoughts or experience. Love is personal and each person has their encounter.