Hello people and how is everyone doing?. I hope y’all are doing well and you have a great week ahead. So to start this week from today, I’ve decided to share with you guys the latest discovery I just stumbled upon and analysed.

Some days ago, I went out to run some personal errands for myself. Now it happens that I was operating with a limited budget and I had to go to an environment where my budget though limited was going to be cost effective and I achieved my purpose with satisfactory result in respect to what I wanted.

Now let me try to be more detailed. There were other places more expensive with basically almost same result and people still patronise them very well but there exists some environments where things cannot be expensive as a result of the type of people living there because if things are expensive, hardly will you be patronised. Now, I’ve come to realize that you intend starting a business in those places because that was what you could afford at that point in your life, those are INITIAL START-UP PLACES and as your profit increases, no matter how much customers you get, develop your business and expand to higher places and leave that place for higher grounds.

What is backing up this theory? People value money differently. The POOR want to mise their money by going to cheap places that might sometimes give them quality or just there result. The AVERAGE are quite rational in the sense that they juggle their minds between having the best that is when it is necessary and just going for the normal sometimes. Now the RICH, they have the money and they are willing to spend to get the best, to be very comfortable and to be recognized in the society.

Therefore the more reason for expansion in choice places. Everybody no matter the level starts small. Reason because by the time you make room for expansion and you go higher, you can’t compare the growth to what you started with. In other words, have the mind set that a set of people want to patronize you at a cheap level and also a set of people want to patronize you at an expensive price but there is an important piece that determines all òf this and that is YOU.

I’m guessing you should have figured out what my discovery is all about “MENTALITY”. There exist the “POVERTY MENTALITY” and the “RICH MENTALITY” every thing starts with the “BRAIN”, “YOUR MINDSET”. You ask yourself what influences and inspires your mindset. The key factor is EXPOSURE because with EXPOSURE comes EXPANSION and with EXPANSION comes RELEVANCE before I forget, POSITIVE EXPOSURE and EXPOSURE could be in many forms, COMMUNICAT