Hello people, so it’s day two of the mini series and since there is a lot to talk about, I think I’ll just start straight up from where I stopped. The last lines…Never under estimate the influence of peer-pressure. It only takes someone with a very good mind control to avoid it and someone of that nature will mind the kind of people he gets involved with. TO BE CONTINUED…

First of, I’ve come to realize that in most cases of peer pressure, if you look closely there is a deep feeling of INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Complex can be in different forms but the one we are familiar with is when someone hangs out with a group of people probably lets say the trend setters and its obvious he is being treated somehow then everybody sees him as a “wanna be” because he doesn’t fit in that crowd but that is shallow. Most people who are seen as the coolest in social gatherings, many a times they suffer from complex.

Let’s say you see a rich kid in college that doesn’t attend lectures but Is really cool and because of that, he has friends that follow him who also don’t attend lectures. If you look critically into his life, you might find out that he’s really not smart so he uses one thing to cover up another. People just play In-depth life politics sometimes.

Moving on from peer pressure, the two key things facing us today in this part of the series are MAN AND MIND. If you’ve been following the series from yesterday, you cannot say that men are not involved in this. I really don’t know how this saying goes but it’s a known fact that that the word men and cheating are inseparable. I mean, you want to blame a lady for cheating on you, who did she cheat on you with. The answer is not far-fetched, it is your fellow man.

I can imagine how annoying it can be when you see a man trying to build his relationship with his girl friend and his fellow man is there side-lining his babe and enticing her with all the material things money can buy, flashy cars, huge wards of notes and all of that. That Is where MIND comes in.

If you’ve been a faithful man to your partner like the case study in this series, it takes two to tango. A man can come with everything enticing but the ball is in the lady’s court. That’s where mind swings into action. Every action starts in the brain first. So if you really know this guy loves you and you still cheat, please and please do not say its the devil, you just refused to develop your brain and work on your mind-set. You could have said no but you agreed to it. Funny how some people just cheat because they feel like, some because they can’t control themselves, some due to trust issues and the list is long. In the end, it all bothers on your mind which portrays your mindset and personality…TO BE CONTINUED.