Hello people, so I’m officially announcing my return on my normal column. I was off for sometime reasons being that there was a lot of restructuring. That was the basic reason but lately I’ve been all about my poetry, written words I call it. Some new things have been introduced never the less and other columns, functioning properly. To all those who missed me, buzzed to check what was going on and showed acts of care and support, I’m really grateful and I say thank you.

Going down into business. Basically, we all can relate to a situation whereby let me just say you’re dealing with somebody, it could be business wise, relationship wise, just anything and then things go messy. In the end, you find yourself saying “I never knew he was like that or I never knew she was like that, she just looked to innocent or too holy etc.”.

The fact that someone looks so innocent does not mean she cannot be a murderer or she does not steal. The fact that someone looks like a perfect gentleman, probably always on a co-operate outfit, everything neat, his shoes well polished, doesn’t mean everything he’s wearing on the inside is not tattered, dirty and smelling. The fact that the girl on your street wears the longest gown or skirt and covers all the flesh on her body doesn’t mean she has not done more than 3 abortions. The list is too long and I could really go on and on.

Trying to also look at this from another perspective, the fact that someone is always smiling and cheerful doesn’t mean he isn’t going through the worse emotional problem you could think of. The fact that someone spends money lavishly on clothes and seems to be rich in the public eye doesn’t mean his debtors are not knocking on his door in the mid-night.

Truth be told, there are lots of pretentious people, people with sweet words[big big talk] but nothing to show for it. In the same wise, there are people that you can never expect some certain acts from them positively, and they’ll prove you wrong

Most times, we tell ourselves and we’ve heard people say it, never judge a book by its cover. Let’s also have it in front of our minds that THE SAME SUN THAT MELTS THE ICE HARDENS THE CLAY. When dealing with people, get to study them properly to the best of your expertise, make sure you are comfortable with them, depending on the type of relationship you tend to establish and in all be wise about it.

All that glitters is really not gold. Do not be blinded by unnecessary things, time can always tell and there’s nothing patience and perseverance cannot see true. Let’s all be wise and pray we don’t fall victims of OBVIOUS EVILS.