First of, I would like to start with my Tuesday experience. A new column was introduced this month [Tuesday Success Stories] and our icon for this week was meant to be AKINDELE OLUFUNKE AYOTUNDE A.K.A JENIFA. I finished the whole post and some technical issues came up when it was due for publishing. That was how the whole post go deleted. Lord was I MAD, I was soo pissed but sometimes I guess these are just the issues we face sometimes. It’s never smooth. That was why there was no post on Tuesday, just in case your were wondering.

So, I really do not know if the title of this post is so obvious but I’ll just go straight on to what I’m talking about “MARRIAGE”, yes I just said it MARRIAGE. I’m sure most of y’all would probably be like you really do not want to go there, wait till you’re married then your post can be justified be experience. Others would say, let me see what she has to say on this post, different people with different critical views at first glance. Well, I would like to say that for this post, I’m ignoring all the books I’ve read, stories I’ve heard and things I’ve seen and I’m literally going to act like a complete illiterate supposedly new to the topic marriage using the model marriage of my parents.

Lately, my parents have been talking up and down on my life and trust me, it has not been funny but keeping that aside and trying to get very real on this one. I live in a part of the world “THE AFRICAN SOCIETY” [NIGERIA TO BE PRECISE], where once you’re getting to your twenties its almost like you become over-familiar with the word “MARRIAGE”. People have many views funny enough, some will tell you, you have to be very mature, even give you a specific age range of when you can get married. Well, I’ve seen old people misbehave a lot, so don’t tell me AGE is a determinant of MATURITY.

I’ve also seen people that started off their marital home really early, Its working they’re scaling through and they are building their lives gradually but I’d like to give my view, and come to a POSSIBLE conclusion on this one. Living with my parents for more than 15 years of my life, I’ve come to realize that a marital relationship should be likened to a relationship between a child and a responsible parent.

Responsible because, no matter how a child misbehaves while growing up, the parent never leaves that child. They keep scolding, talking, shouting, encouraging and that’s how a marital relationship is meant to be. Everybody be wanting to get hitched but many are not willing to persevere, to endure, to make sacrifice for the greater tomorrow. The journey though life is never easy and marriage is a probable part of that journey to many. To the aspiring youths out there, don’t get pressured into something you feel you’re not signed up for because after hell fire, the next thing you don’t want to experience is an unhappy marital life.

Marriage is a school you’ll never graduate from, get ready to keep learning everyday and know that you’ll also have lots of carry overs which you have to keep writing if you want it to work. Once it goes really bad, it could breed children that would cause nuisance to the society, unstable and emotionally drowned. The list is long, but don’t forget there’s a difference between a marital relationship and an ABUSIVE marital relationship, CHOOSE WISELY. Like I said, I’m just an illiterate girl on this one, simply expressing my view on a critical societal issue.