Hello people, so it is becoming one of the fast cultures of T.L.T Blog to interview people once every month who want to change their world and be a voice in this generation. Last month we had Marvis Ashie and her N.G.O and to wrap up this month, is AJIBOWO OLAJIDE and his group R.Y.S.E [Redefining Your Self Esteem]. This was a short interview conducted on JIDE and I really hope it inspires someone out there to stop waiting and start something according to his passionate drive to positively change lives.


1. Kindly make an introduction of yourself and your group.

  • My name is Olajide Ajibowo, I’m a law student, a poet, spoken word artist and I’m the founder and president of RYSE (Redefining Your Self Esteem). RYSE is a group that was birthed by the inspiration of God to reach out to youths in building capacity in their lives.

2. What birthed this passion and how did you start of with it?

  • RYSE started off as a book which was nursed in my mind through the teaching of the late Myles Munroe who came to my church, and that night I began to conceive on my bed the name RYSE. Over the years I had developed a knack for empowering people through my words and it was this desire that expanded the idea of the book to RYSE being a group. Starting the group was challenging, but God was able to provide people and resources to establish the group and this has led to the transformation of many lives through our several student outreach in Nigeria

3. Who are your role models and what striking words from them have kept you going?

  • My first is Myles Munroe. He is the man that discovered me even without me meeting him physically, he would always say “die empty”, that is, bring out all the gifts, talents, greatness that lies in you and bless the world with it. This has been my mantra. My second role model is my sister, Abimbola. She was the voice I always heard early in the morning growing up, she would always whisper in my ear, “Jide, a little sleep a little slumber so shall thy poverty come” of course I always jumped out of my sleep anytime she said it.

4. What are the challenges you’re experiencing?

  • I’m glad you said challenges not problems, because challenges are there to make one better. As a leader I face several challenges; financial, doubts, fear etc. But I always come out of it. For every project I embark on, I ask myself what is the why behind this, is this project going to solve a problem? If I am able to answer these questions, there is no stopping for me.

5. Who are the people that show support for your vision the most, your friends or people you do not know personally?

  • One peculiar thing about vision is that it attracts 3 important things: people, places and resources. In my journey so far, I have been helped by family, friends and mostly people I do not know. Vision has a way of attracting the things that will help achieve what one desires.

6. What has been your most humbling experience in your journey so far?

  • When a mate of mine said to my face that my conference will flop and he was there to see it “pop”, to God’s glory. It was a huge success.

7. What do you think is going to make you stand out in your vision?

  • The Holy spirit and purpose.

8. What are some of the things you have done to push your dream?

  • I have in many times used my last resources and time to push my group’s projects, and it’s all joy for me because I am working in purpose.

9. Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • I see myself fulfilling my purpose as a lawyer, an author and ultimately solving life problems.

10. What have you learnt in all these things?

  • I have learnt to stick to my purpose and rely only on God. It is also important to note that whatever anybody thinks of, he/she can accomplish if there is tenacity of purpose.

Some of MR. AJIBOWO’S work so far with his team, his most recent being the “SAY NO TO SUICIDE CAMPAIGN” and others: pictures of his secondary school out reach on the theme: A child a million dreams”, also his annual conference, DOPE (Discovery of Purpose), of which I had the opportunity of being a part of.
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