Hello everyone…taking deep breaths. Before I say anything, there might be lots of breaks, because some constructions are on-going. I’m sorry the Monday musings didn’t pull through, this is my first post ever since I got home. Well like I said, there might be some breaks but all the same, life has to go on. Travelling on another level has made me gain some exposure that could really interest you. Let’s say how a Nigerian and a Ghanaian would exclaim when listening to a heated conversation. The Nigerian would most likely say HIAN!. The Ghanaian on the other hand would most likely say EIY!. I stayed with some Ghanaians trust me, it’s too funny, but quite nice.

Well, this particular post has been in my heart for days waiting to be published and it’s all about planning. We all know the popular saying, IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL. Now planning in relation to life generally and trying to be focused. The average teenager while growing up, even before he grows up knows he has some levels of education to undergo. The primary school, high school and college but life doesn’t just happen and things don’t end up so smooth because if they did you wonder why you still have unemployed graduates roaming the streets both the one’s who did amazingly well, the one’s who didn’t and the one’s who never made it through those walls.

In times like this, your plan should have already kick started, except you just want to lay low. The question here is what am I trying to say? We all have dreams, visions, ambitions and talents that most of us discover in ourselves while growing up and some are still trying to discover. The world has academicians but they don’t make up the whole world, hence the variety. That’s why we have legendary musicians, artists, painters, sculptors, fashion designers and the list is too long.

Every stage and level we all undergo in life, it’s left for us to discover ourselves, passions, and talents within or just sit down and lay fallow. It is said that what is worth doing is worth doing well. Anything you find doing, make research on it, develop your self in your skill or art and let your work speak on your behalf. In other words, that’s your plan. Not everybody was meant to be an academician. If that’s what you can do best then that’s fine. Don’t let unemployment screw you up later in future when you can develop yourself and have a back-up plan, be your own boss. To those who feel it’s late, it’s never too late to start something. It costs nothing to get a plan started, just YOU.