Hello people!!!. I really don’t know why I said my hello in that manner, seems quite funny but all the same I’ll start by what sparked up this post. So I was going through my phone yesterday on a particular social media and I saw this long message of a very bitter and angry man. Let me narrate his ordeal . Apparently, he’s one of the good guys out there who doesn’t believe in cheating , infidelity, call it whatever but the bad part is that his partners over the years seem not to agree with him because they always cheat on him after all his faithfulness.

Funny how he didn’t allow his first cheating case to change his mentality, he continued but eventually, I always say that there’s only so much a human being can take. He got cheated on severally and in his note, he expressed bitterness of how he was going to take his revenge, how no lady in this generation wants to build with a guy. That they all want money and are after material things, saying that whenever he approached a lady personally, she would hardly give him audience but whenever he went, using his friends car they were more than ready to listen. Well, right now it’s a serious case for the guy as he believes and is telling the whole world In his little way that there is nothing like true love in this generation and he was going to pimp himself up and destroy girls, break hearts close to wedding dates and all of that.

This post is going to be a mini-series of three days because we have to do some critical analysis of this whole issue. It’s not something that can be rushed over. Well, I think I’m going to start in an ascending order, showing the hierarchy of problems from the ground level to the major one. THE SOCIETY AND PEER PRESSURE.

Talking about the society, I’m referring to two basic things in the society, the family which is key and you and I as human beings that make up the society. The family like they say is the smallest unit of the society and the two most important personalities are the parents. The girl child is one that should be handled with utmost care and attention and like the saying, charity begins at home but does not end there. When the charity does not begin at home, the training of discipline and morals, please tell me where it wants to start from. There is no way on earth, that both parents of a girl are irresponsible and they’ll breed a responsible lady, it only takes the mindset of the lady and positive exposure.

Peer Pressure, is a function of the society, not the society been a function of peer pressure because it is human beings that make up the society and they constitute the influence within the caucus of their peers. The popular saying, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are or birds of the same feather flock together. You walk with a group of girls or ladies that believe in only taking a guys money, dating married men and other things and you claim you’re different from them. Please if you think people should know you are different from them, what are you always doing around them in the first place.

Never under estimate the influence of peer-pressure. It only takes someone with a very good mind control to avoid it and someone of that nature will mind the kind of people he gets involved with. TO BE CONTINUED…