So, I had lots of people In mind to talk about today and the names were just rolling in so much that at some point, it looked like nothing seemed to be making sense. I had to take a break and do other things just to let my inner- self finally decide and indeed, it did. Today, we’ll be looking at no other person than…


Well, for starters I never knew that WAJE meant Words Aren’t Just Enough, that alone meant something to me but moving on. She was born on the 1st of September 1980. Popularly known as the Nigerian singer whose vocal range covers three octaves. She is the first child and first daughter of her family. Her parents also got divorced when she was young. She was part of the choir while growing up and sang for the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Church of God Mission Int’l. The Archbishop was quite impressed by her singing and helped her out throughout her secondary school days, after which she moved to Nsukka to receive a degree in Social work at the University of Nigeria.

Taking a quick pause to look at one major occurrence that has determined the shape of her life in some way. She got pregnant during her teenage days, sources say that it was before she got into the university. These are some of her words

” I would say that that time, was perhaps the most difficult time in my life. I was young, still in my teens, vulnerable, confused and scared……… There were many times I really prayed to God to make things easier. It did get too much when it is time to pay rent, school fees and other miscellaneous expenses. I had my own share of pillow cries and make sure she doesn’t see it…. looking at my daughter, I will be honest that she is a blessing and the blessings outweighs the challenges.”

Her love for humanity, led her to study social work In the university but music was one of the things she loved so much. She did lots of free shows in school and believed she could touch a lot more people with her singing talent. In 2007, she launched into her music career properly, she was still a student at that time. She hit the spot-light in 2008 when she was featured by P-Square. This helped in boosting her career a little. After which, she participated in the Reality TV show [Advanced Warning] which featured artistes that were on the verge of breakthrough and she emerged as the first runner-up.

She has teamed up and shared different stages with both local and international artistes like M.I, Dencia, Wyclef Jean and a host of others and has also won lots of awards and nominations. She also branched into acting 2014 and is one of the judges for The Voice Nigeria. She created a brand name “Waje Safe house” where she teams up with NGO’s quarterly to help fight their cause of which her first project was Project Help [Help Educate the Less Privileged]

Basically, she’s had her fair share of life’s challenge cake and she’s survived the gulp and through all the obvious odds has risen to stardom, not letting anything be a hindrance. Today, she is one of Africa’s women voices. I really don’t know all my readers out there but maybe you’re struggling with a serious challenge and it looks like life has deserted you and all hope is lost. Just know that your case is not the worse on the planet.

Like her, you too could start from somewhere and work your way to be a greater part of something. If my math is correct, she started in her twenties too and 10 years down the line, we are seeing the progressive journey so far. Don’t give up, keep pushing, there will be lots of haters and critics down the line but it only shows the way ahead is brighter. The sorrows may last in the night but joy comes in the morning only if you DON’T GIVE UP.

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