1. The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you are willing to sacrifice – NATHAN.W.MORRIS
  2. Sweat plus sacrifice equals success [Sweat+ Sacrifice = Success] – CHARLES .O. FINLEY
  3. The sacrifice of today is the success of tomorrow – ANONYMOUS
  4. What are you willing to sacrifice to get from where you are to were you want be – MARK STORY
  5. Every success has a measure of sacrifice; if you are not willing to pay the price, don’t expect the prize – HARSHASHA
  6. No type of success comes without sacrifice – LAVANYAI DIEU
  7. Sacrifice comes before success even in the dictionary – ANONYMOUS
  8. Success is sacrifice – DR PINESETT
  9. Success without sacrifice is utopian – LOIS TARIKABOR
  10. There is no success without sacrifice. f you succeed without sacrifice it is because someone has suffered before you. If you sacrifice without success it is because someone will succeed after- ADONIRAM JUDSON