Hello people and happy new month (I’m actually smiling at this point because I know the amount of people who will hit me up and be like “FINALLY”. Thank you for welcoming me back in advance. Lots of changes have taken place as you will observe. All the same, shall we go to the business of today.

Well, today the 1st of October happens to be the day my country Nigeria gained independence way back 1960 and today, we are 57. So, there is this poem I did recently on PEACE AND DEMOCRACY and it is very much relatable to our celebration today. Here goes.


The whole explanation been given in the definition already. Heaving a sigh of what I call taking a breathe and slowly zoning out to my analysis mode. The sudden realization like I was forcefully woken up from a bad dream. My expression suggested that something was wrong with my aforementioned words. Peace! Peace! Peace! The word suggested a lot. Stillness was amongst it, love was embedded in it, trust yes, most definitely was inclusive because that was what diplomacy suggested in its in-depth form.

As simple as the word felt, easy flowing, no alphabetic interruptions, that was just the surface level. It starts with ourselves. Yes because if we lack peace how then do give what we do not have? The answer is not far-fetched. We give false peace, corrupted with pretense. If we start with ourselves, to our families, our communities, to our societies and the world at large, we can say we’re climbing the ladder gradually. Unfortunately, the foundation of self is virus infected hence the top of the building already has the flu.

How then can not just democracy but realistic democracy thrive? How then can the people’s right be upheld? How then can sanity be found in these rights? Peace and democracy. The former is a function of the latter but can never be the other way round. I want to scream, I want to shout, yes! yes! I want to be heard, I want my opinions to matter, I want to make a difference, I even claim to want to help the people uphold their rights but how can I successively do that when I have the internal struggle of selfishness and personal interest.

It cannot be sugar-coated neither can there be an in-between. If you don’t have peace, you do not. This is because a public conflict first starts with self and the need for democracy is general. It is peace that graduates to democracy. In other words, realistic democracy is the end result of peace.

Sitting down and thinking to myself, I only hope for one thing. The hope that the world gets to come to the realization of true democracy cannot be established without peace. Only then can neighbors love each other, work on each others differences and uphold democracy together as one.


As Nigerians, we really cannot sugar-coat the fact that as we grow older, we question our “WISDOM” as a country in many ways. We throw shades because of the unemployment rate, poverty, bad vices and in-balance and in-stability in the government. I could go on and on but to whose benefit and to whose detriment. Somehow, we have failed to realize that the word “NIGERIA” is just a name and that it is the people that make up the country. I’ll stop here and hope the poem appeals to our reasoning. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.



Beautiful lady that I’ve known for quite sometime now. Age with grace and many more useful years ahead of you. Happy Birthday Love.


This happens to be my dad. The real independence baby, same month, date and year with our country Nigeria. I can only wish for more useful years for you and that you keep basking in the love of God. Happy Birthday Dad.