Well, I need no prophet to tell me that the title of the article itself seems to have a lot of weight. Almost like a two in one but let’s see how we climb a ladder of progression with the placard of this article sitting quietly at the peak of the ladder. First of, I want you to make a mental definition of what you think judgment is. Not like I can’t get a dictionary definition but I’ve come to realize that it is safe to say that words which society has made common are beginning to have relative definitions. Well the most interesting part of this article is that we got a volunteer to be used as a case study. Her name is Tarikabor Lois and from this point, the words will be hers .

I’ll like to start with the fact that I’m a very deep and somewhat complicated person, so I really hope you get to understand me. Basically how I see judgment, it goes beyond the outward and deep down to the inward. Most people think they can’t be called “judgy” simply because they don’t condemn someone openly but inside their hearts, they’ve crucified the person but hey! we’re looking at me here and there’s no denying that I’m a judgy person but I think mine is quite different though not better per say because I judge with perfection. I really don’t know if that’s worse.

Now, let’s break that down a bit, painting a scenario maybe I find myself in a learning environment at an early hour and the first lecture of the day someone is sleeping and in my mind I’m like “what’s going on? what was the whole night used for?”. That’s an impromptu thought and later I can try to reason in my mind “maybe he had something really critical to do” but then I might go back “but you’re primary assignment is to study and it should be given priority over everything”. Now a day might come where I’ll do the same thing I judged someone on and I’ll give every excuse to justify myself and it’ll sound very reasonable to me. My perfection basically is what I can do and what I wouldn’t do. So when I see someone going against that I tend to be “judgy”.

Well, here’s good news to all those who are like me, those who are worse and those who are better. Every human being, has the tendency to judge but it takes someone better to realize “hey!” It’s not my life, I can decide to learn from whoever I may have judged to become better and it’s so hard for us to just pause when we’re judging someone that we do not know what may have influenced their decisions or the reasons behind their actions. Yes, we see some acts as wrong and questionable but some things have become relative to our experience, environment and a host of other things because in all honesty, you’ve asked yourself why they gave her the post when you were better or why they employed him when you were more qualified.

There’s this thing I started recently and I call it counter-judging. When I find my self judging someone in my sub-conscious, I judge myself too, telling myself I have myself to focus on. One way or the other, we all judge but the best bet is to always snap out, hope and aim for better, learn from people’s mistakes and work towards positive change.