Dear Lord I want you to help me remember that…
When I’m weak your word says let the weak say I am strong
When I’m poor your word says I’m rich in you
When I’m sick your word says you took my sickness and infirmities and I have them no more and by your stripes I’m healed
When I feel worthless and useless with many insecurities, your word says you’ll perfect all that concerns me.
When I feel my sins have over taken me and i can’t stand in your presence to talk to you, that your word says I should approach your throne of mercy and I’ll find grace.
When I feel the whole world is against me, including my friends and loved ones that your word says if you’re for me, who can be against me. So it means you’ll direct me and order my steps.
When I feel I’m so tempted and this temptation seems to be beyond me and i feel I’m going to yield that your word says you won’t let me to be tempted beyond what I can handle. Therefore I can come out of that temptation if I want to with your help.
When I feel challenges are weighing me down and i just want to scream and shout, I want to just walk to cool off and i want to cry, that your word says I should cast my cares and burdens on you that your yoke is easy and your burden is light and that you’ll give me rest. In essence peace of mind.
When I feel I’m deeply in love and all of a sudden, I get heart broken and it seems my little heart can’t bear the pain and my heart is so tight that I fear I might explode that your word says all things work together for good to those who love you and no good thing will you withhold from me. Hence something better is going to come.
When it seems like there’s no progress and other people are ahead of me help me to have faith in your word that I should trust you with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. That you have a plan and purpose to prosper me and you’ll bring me to my expected end .
When everything seems to be failing for everyone, that you’ll make me stand out because your word says when men shall say that there’s a casting down, I will say there’s a lifting up.
When it seems that my business or plans ‘re not going on well, that your word says I shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water and in everything I do, I shall prosper. In essence, help me to work according to your will, your plan and your timing for my life.
When it seems like my education is suffering or I’m not getting the result I want that your word says I shall be the head and not the tail. Above only will i be and never beneath.
When I’m serving you, that you’ll bless my bread and water and take away sickness from me. That my service to you is never in vain. In essence my reward will show in due time.
When I want to doubt your word that you’re not a man that you should lie. You sent for your word and it cannot return to you void but it must accomplish that which you’ve sent it