Hello people and how is everyone doing? How was your day and how has the week been so far?. So first of, I was praying for something and my prayers got answered. I just want to tell someone out there that no matter how your prayers may tary. God answers and in his due time, he will answer according to the plan he has for you in line with his word.

So straight up to business, to what gave birth to this post. This year has been the year of my greatest loss. I had friends close to me who kicked the bucket and before now I never knew how it felt but now I do. So recently someone close to me lost a dear friend and I felt the pain but whatever pain I felt could not be compared to the pain she was feeling and to me the pain I felt was great. I was destabilized and I started REASONING.

Can someone take away someone else’ pain? Why do we go through pain? Why can’t no one else feel the way we feel at the same time? Why can’t pain be shared?. My answer was right before me. Yes, we go through different challenges that no one can relate to but us, our personal life experience that tends to have a huge effect on our personality but there’s a “but”
Have you ever watched someone go through so much pain physically and you wished you could take the pain away but no, the most humbling part of it all is that the person is facing something worse emotionally. No peace of mind, wishing for everything to go away, lots òf thoughts crossing each other at the same time.

That was my status, I was trying to take away the pain of my friends, the people I cared about that were hurting and in trying to do that by thinking about it too much, having hopes and wishing with my little strength and in turn, I was hurting my own self. In the cause of my REASONING, it hits me. The question of why I’m trying to do what I can’t and never will because it’s only God that can take away pain and give peace of mind.

To everyone who have friends or close ones and relatives, or it could be you yourself, the only thing you can do for a hurting soul is to PRAY for peace of mind and healing because there’s nothing so beautiful than a calm mind and no one else to take away their pain than God.