Its Friday and the only thing that is stuck in my head is [THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY]. Finally getting a rest from the long week, looking forward to an enjoyable weekend and all of that stuff. I’ll cut to the chase already. Planning and overthinking…so I’ll just start with planning. Basically, we use this word in different aspect and phases of our life. From family to business to education to relationships trust me down to friendships. We plan and we ought to plan a lot. So simply put I’ll just say planning is a necessary determinant for a successful life or a life full of failure. After all If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. I see planning as THINKING, strategizing and mapping out a direction in any aspect of your life…

Over thinking on the other hand, the word defines itself. Thinking overly and unnecessarily I would say.

So yes I’m a huge fan of the both of them and one will want to ask, how are you able to balance the both and at what neutral point do they meet? Well unfortunately there exist no neutral ground and the reason is not far fetched. Planning is positive and good. On the other hand, overthinking is negative and bad. There can be no neutral ground because while planning deals strictly with reasoning capacity which is basically your brain, over thinking deals with your emotions and specializes on your FEARS.

Now, let’s say there’s this course you didn’t do so well in and results are meant to be out by the end of the month, you start thinking Step 1: What if I carry over this course. Step 2: I think next semester is going to be so stressful. Step 3: I need to have the course reps number just incase anything happens. Step 4: My parents, how will they react…Congratulations, you’ve just succeeeded in building a house without a strong foundation. Now the house is definitely going to fall down no doubt but what òf all the effort the labourers spent and their time, not to talk of building materials and money.

In the end, by the time you realize that you’ve built your hopes and you’re making plans on FALSE ANALYZED FEAR, All those things will be classified as waste of time you should have used for something positive. Either to make yourself better, enjoy the moment or have fun but definitely not something negative.

How then can there be a relationship or a middle ground between these two. The only middle ground is the planning you’ll do from the effects of the over thimking which will be negative. There simply exists no positive ground or relationship for the two to dwell on. You just have to make a choice. I really hope this made someone to have a new turn around.