This post was meant to come earlier than this but I guess it’s coming now to serve as something light for the night to make you think positively to sleep. So, I was at a spiritual gathering [words can drop in your heart concerning lots of things anywhere] and we’ve been trying to analyze a book titled “choose your own adulthood” and one of the topics in this book says “be more loyal to your principles and less loyal to people” and I’m like this will really make a nice topic with a lot to talk on. Basically, the key words here are loyalty, principles and people. In all honesty I asked myself, what does loyalty really mean and I was actually thinking. Well I’ll say loyalty is when your loyal to someone, just fooling around. Loyalty in one word is TRUST which is a function of FAITHFULNESS. You can’t be loyal to someone you can’t trust but In this context loyalty to a VALUE not a PERSON and this is just amazing, trust itself is a Value. Now a Value has to has to value another VALUE. I hope you didn’t get lost. If you did, take time out to read up on it again. Let’s take a pause.

Principles are a set of values, standards you’ve set for yourself . Basically Values have to depend on each other here. Now being loyal to your principles. The whole analysis is basically complete. The Same way you’re faithful to your boyfriend, you don’t cheat, you trust him and all of that. Now be faithful to your principles.

In other words, lets see it as this, your principles represent your husband and people represent your friends and definitely, you’ll put your husband before your friends and that’s how it’s meant to be. We mistake our priorities most of the time and let people determine our principles. Hence we have no true standards because if people determine our principles, that means they can affect it and that means our principles are not strong and stable.

In effect, our principles are actually the pillars of our personality. When we don’t have strong principles and we let people determine our principles for us, then we do not live for our true selves, we live by the standards the people in our lives set for us.

When we are faithful and true to our principles, we do not cheat on them, we give them priority over evérything, then people will naturally be attracted by those traits we have exhibited through our principles. Never the less, negative and positive principles exist. It’s left for us to make our choice on which to follow and also bear in mind that there are consequences for those choices. Place your principles before people, let those principles guide your relationship with people and you’ll find the kind of people you want in your life naturally getting attracted to you.