I’m heaving a sigh of a probable relief right now and yes, how is y’all doing?. Once again, Thank God it’s Friday. So I’ll cut to the chase and give a background story of what happened to me and some friends. We went out together to just have fun and on our way, we met a group of guys and all of that, they were interesting and fun and just name it. The issue here was that, we already had friends we usually hang out with. Now our new friends wanted to meet up, wanted attention and we were like family with our old friends. So we just decided to sideline our old friends a little.

We were trying to plan a birthday party and we already had an outline with our old friends and our new friends were like we’ll take care of all the bills, the cake,the venue and we’re like this sounds good, of course who doesn’t like free stuffs. A week to the birthday, the new friends started giving us attitide. Long story short, none of them showed up. We were happy we didn’t totally sideline our old friends, we celebrated the birthday with them. Though we suffered it because the planning was very “wonderful”.

That’s how steps or stages to friendships are. The first is the EXCITEMENT stage, you meet someone new you’re happy you’re going to meet a different character. You want to explore the person’s personality even make judgements between their personality and the friends you’ve known for long. Now you go into the second stage, the REASONING stage here your scales start to fall of .You want to find out how the person’s chaacter and attitude can better your life, you try to start finding faults and questioning yourself and this is normal because you’re moving to the long run with that friend and the surface level friendship is beginning to shift and the deep friendship setting in.

You want to be sure you can trust this person, their judgements, if they can hold up and support you and a host of other serious stuff. You might find out that they can help you and they can be genuine friends and you can also find out that they might not be worth it when their real personality starts coming out.

In Summary, time always produces results, the DEVIL you know is better than the ANGEL you do not know. Always let time be an invisible personality in your friendships and every involvement relating to human relatioñships. Everything will always reveal itself with time and in essence patience. Let’s just thread carefully and be patient to avoid regrets. Have a splendid weekend.