So, Monday is already here, the weekend is over and I’m like “God Why?”. Anyways it is what it is and as usual, I’ll cut to the chase. Basically, I heard this word a lot on a particular day and permit me to try and express slight familiarity with the word but I’d like to connect my thoughts and establish a connection using the word connection. I was at a gathering and that was the discussion for that day, so I began to analyze. Everything in life regarding people bothers or is rooted in the relationships we have from friendships both personal, educational and business wise to relationships down to family and for any relationship to exist there has to be in existence the most minute form of connection.

I’ve come to realize that the word connection is so important that most times to cause the change we need in our lives, we need to provoke a connection which will in turn provoke a discovery you never thought existed and from the discovery comes part of the blueprint of your life. Let’s see an instance, you want to join the choir but then you have your doubts as to whether your voice is good enough but then you’re like there’s nothing really there to loose and you join in. Okay let’s pause so part of me is in this instance. Well I decided to join the choir in my school because I’ll just say it’s a part of me.

I wasn’t expecting anything just the normal singing of songs and all of that but as time went on because there was a connection with me and the other members, a surface relationship was already established. I was left with the choice to make deep that relationship with whomever I wanted. Then the realization dawned on me that this was a family. I was discovering myself better, I got positive people around me, heard positive words and that alone was therapeutic in its own way.

My advice to everyone out there is that no man is an island. Connect with people that’ll add up to your life or people you think you can influence positively. Variety is the spice of life they say and humans vary in everything but when a connection is established on the basis of a formed relationship no matter how small, you find out you’re rubbing of on someone or people and a host of others. Never the less, don’t say I didn’t warn . Know who you get connected too cause as positive connections can be powerful, likewise can there exist negative connections too.