The in-depth saying you think yourself to depression. To say it was a lie was a lie in itself every atom of truth did it have but Its inevitability was my current critical analysis. Alone with your thoughts, you can never get bored but the feelings and emotions that they pass to you positive or negative, I’d stick with the latter. Having a discussion on a round table :scenery created in my head ;courtesy my thoughts ; ; photo credit my brain. I had just read out what was in my supposed position paper, it was the turn of my thoughts. He started with a coy smile and all formality.

I would say greetings to all ladies and gentlemen in this room but I think I’ll just stick with greetings to all personalities present, fill in the gender yourself. So rude I thought to my self, I heard that my thoughts echoed that loud. Well going down to the crux of the matter he said, an allegation yes I would say an Allegation cause that’s what I see it as. Without further interruptions an allegation was made against me by my inhibitor that I only pass out what is negative when we both communicate and I stand to correct that.

You have a choice not to have a discussion with only me, you trap me inside you, you think I’m happy . What if I suffer from depression too? how can a depressed person cheer another depressed person, one who stands a better advantage for that matter. I’m always here to give you advice, to listen to your inner you but don’t play the victim here because I’m the real victim and with this I rest my case.

Well me speaking, I’m sorry if it seems like I played the victim. Yes you’re the real victim, more than that you’re the sacrificial victim. I’ve learnt better, I’ll stop pushing your buttons. I’ll never have a discussion alone with you when I’m down, ‘ll come along with some other friends. I’ll come with sounds, I’ll come with ink and its inseparable partner those are my 2 best allies then after our meeting I’ll conclude and wrap it up with the homo-sapiens. I hope that’s fine by you. Thank you and with this I motioned for the adjournment of the meeting and he seconded bringing the meeting to a close.


Yes, so just in case you didn’t know, we give birthday shout-outs and today happens to be the birthday of someone really dear to my heart. I’ll spare you the details of her full name but you can see how beautiful she looks already. I just want to wish my GHANAIAN baby girl a Happy Birthday. Age with grace love. Keep having a large heart and being a strong supporter of T.L.T BLOG. We love you.