So basically, I haven’t really been consistent with this column, but on the other hand, I didn’t also promise to make daily posts on this column. In the last post I made, I promised to introduce you to the squad and I’m going to do that later. Well for starters coming to the food aspect of LOIS, she doesn’t like or take junk food but she wants to start ADAPTING. So yesterday, I and my friends went out and they wanted to get SHARWARMA. I thought they were paying so when they asked if I wanted, I was contemplating but then I said yes. Its been like 7 YEARS, since I last ate SHARWARMA because the 1st time I tried it, I threw up. I didn’t want to take it at the eatery where we bought it, so I took it home. I looked at it for like 10 MINUTES first, then I started my journey into the food.

Why all this drama, “LORD, ADAPTING TO FOOD IS ONE OF MY GREATEST CHALLENGES THAT I’M TRYING TO BREAK FREE FROM”. Basically, I wasn’t looking at what I was eating because my gag reflex for ONIONS I very high and I know that if I look into it I was going to see it. So, I didn’t look then after sometime I looked and I eventually saw it. Long story short, I couldn’t eat the sharwama again. For starters, I think I tried.

Now to introducing the SQUAD, there’s SEMILORE, FUNMI, SAYO AND ME [LOIS]


The make-up diva and neat freak. It’s funny how people just give her free make-overs but she’s not a make-up amateur though.


The time keeper of the squad. Whenever we plan an outing, she tells us the time we are meant to leave and return. She’s the one who eats less in the squad.


My squad partner, I don’t even know what to describe her with. She’s the fries person in the squad, anything that has to do with frying, she’s in charge.


The Foodie of the squad but you’ll never know because I’m that one friend that can eat but never gets fat. The cook of the squad also. I cherish my tummy a lot.

Basically, if you are an observant person, you’ll notice that out of 4,I’m the only non-Yoruba. That is to say, I’m not from Western Nigeria but Southern Nigeria. I’m no racist though as you can already see. The introduction of the squad has already been done

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