First of, I would like to start with a HAPPY NEW MONTH message to all by beautiful and amazing readers out there. Its the 11th month of the year and it really has been a journey having come this far and we just have to thank God for being faithful. Beginning this month, is an exciting and very intriguing not to mention deep piece on TRUST.

The things I cannot control, I won’t control and I’ll never control. Striking yes but they exist and sometimes we fail to see that. Pardon me, we don’t fail to see it. It’s right there and we know it but we so much want to believe it that our subconscious makes us think we can. It’s funny because we can hardly get over it, it all boils down to one thing TRUST. As simple as it is, very complex and you just find yourself wondering what has trust got to do with ? but it has everything. TRUST NO ONE, I guess you’re familiar with the catch phrase. Going a bit deeper, that’s the relationship between LOVE AND TRUST because you can’t talk about one without including the other. These two words, depend on each other.

You want to love someone with all of your heart, in the first instance you don’t want to love because you’re scared to trust. You find yourself echoing the questions in your head…is he going to cheat on me? I’m I going to cheat on him? Will we be able to make sacrifices and compromise some things in the long run. Lets take a pause, in the second instance you’re already in a relationship with someone you love but you find yourself asking the same questions as the 1st scenario. The singular difference between the two is that you were bold enough to put your thoughts into the experimental process but the questions are not changing, all the questions end up in trust.

You’re wondering if you can trust her enough with your feelings and not end up in disappointments. You’re wondering if you can trust him enough with your feelings and he won’t take it like its normal. That’s why you get scared when you hear “lets take a break” or I don’t think I can continue and for you that has been down this road, that’s why you seem difficult and you’re not budging in that relationship or that’s why you don’t care and put in your best anymore because you want to find out if its going to be worth it, if your trust is going to pull through. Even at that, there’s still this fear locked away somewhere.

The uncertainty that anything can happen at any time and any day. That’s the trust you should hide, the pessimistic one and instead bring out the optimistic trust and discard your thought openly. Never the less, in the end you might go back to square 1 and then it’ll really dawn on you that you can’t control it, you won’t and you’ll never be able to control some things. You just have ultimately to trust God, trust your journey and trust the process because that’s all there is. You’ve got to tell yourself that you’ll take it one step at a time and one day at a time because whatever is going to happen, will happen. Once again, HAPPY NEW MONTH.