Once again, we say THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY and I’m thinking of a particular way to start this post while smiling to myself with different thoughts as passers-by waiting for me to catch and harness them. Well, so here goes, you want to live a life of pleasure and have not a care in the world. You want to party, spend and not only spend, squander money because you have it and you think there’s nothing better to do with it than to spend it while It lasts. You want to go to school but you have an ageing mother and so you have to sell and hawk goods to gather enough money to see if you could maintain your mother’s health. You Sometimes bless God And other times, you curse him because I mean you just don’t understand why.

You were warned of drugs and it’s effect but you still wanted to try it. You thought you could handle it and so you just wanted to do it. The reason, you weren’t sure in particular. There was the reason of fun, there was peer pressure, there was reason of “so my mates don’t look down on me”, there was the reason of everybody Is doing it so it could mean no harm . However, where are you now? and why are you saying had I known. Why are you always looking back at how colorful your life used to be?. You had everything but no one to give you attention but you heard words, you had few friends and music at least but you craved for more. Your want for attention was insatiable and you wanted it mainly from boys. One thing led to another and now you’re a sex addict. You just can’t help it. Your life is empty, you push away your regrets with facades of false pleasure and silently you wonder what next there is for you.

You were in your youth, everything in trousers was chasing after you, prospective suitors but your type was not in the world and now you’re in your prime and the church is now your home. You felt like you were too serious and too difficult but you had true friends at least. You feared no boy would love you. You switched up and became somewhat lousy, you lost yourself and your respect and now you don’t know where to start from. You were so brilliant you thought the world revolved around intelligence alone, full of yourself and bragging up and about. You went for a job interview with your degree, someone with a lower degree, wisdom and common sense and not as intelligent as you are got the job.

Well, I could go and on but I’ll stop there and let you answer for yourself, IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?. With ageing comes mistakes, learning and experience but some mistakes can be avoided. Many a times, we just want to try for ourselves to have our own story and in all honesty that’s fine but for how long are you going to be in that adventure. The longer you stay, the more you might get drawn in. How far and how deep are you?. In the end you should ask yourself..will all of everything be worth it?. In everything, never forget to tell yourself that you’re beautiful the way you are. Just strive to be the better version of you everyday. HAVE A NICE WEEKEND.