The weekend is basically over but just before it runs out eventually, I figured I should just drop something interesting. So I was talking to a friend over an issue and somehow I found myself talking about GENDER and EQUALITY. A feminist is someone who is an advocate or supporter of the rights and equality of women and going by this Oxford definition, It is safe to say that I’m a feminist because I mean, why should women not be in politics, that’s a social activity and a couple of others but going deeper, society has moved beyond the normal feminism to a more serious form of it by bringing it into their homes. In all honesty and from personal view it’s the new generation core female academics the are seeing agitating for this mostly and it’s taking a toll on homes and families. Causing things to be awkward, unnecessary fights, divorce and a host of others which will in turn start affecting the children and changing their mentality about these societal issues.

I was listening to a video by T.D Jakes and he said something about men and women that made so much sense although the talk was mostly for men. I’ll try to summarize in the best way I can. So in temperament and expression, when a woman is angry, she expresses herself. Not necessarily only when she’s angry but she expresses herself more than the man and whenever she’s shouting or angry asking the man why he didn’t do this or that, the man is just quiet and days after he comes to tell her that he had it done and he’s tendered to her complain and all of that but the reverse is the case when it comes to men.

Most of the times, when a man is not happy you’ll never really know but he can do everything a woman wants him to do and still show her all the affections but deep down he’s not happy and when he’s not happy, he feels alone. He confines himself to inner solitary, like a self made cage. The more he becomes unhappy, the more he retreats into the cage and then he might go to the point of no return and bringing him out will take grace but we never know because we’re so busy dishing out physical and emotional responsibilities. Pointing out his flaws, how he’s not showing you attention and how he didn’t do that.

It’s not easy to be a woman, period pains, childbirth and the whole duty of mother hood in its entirety but what about being a man, all the internal and external responsibilities that nature and society has already bestowed on them naturally. They don’t feel like they owe their families or even when they are in a relationship, they don’t feel they owe their partners some duties, they actually do. They don’t have any choice.

I could go and on but we must realize that there are duties we cannot escape. There are differences and peculiarities with each gender that cannot be overlooked because we are meant to compliment each other with those differences. Hence, we should stop looking at trivial things in relationships and more importantly, the family when it comes to equality and superiority. Love and respect in all ramifications for each other should be the driving force. Understanding and trust, companionship. Its the little things that really matter at the end of the day coupled with the choices and decisions taken to move further progressively rather than deteriorate. ENJOY YOUR MONDAY.