The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about growth, is a smile and the word life. I’ll use a mother and a child for illustration. A mother gives birth to her child and he’s so fragile that she has to hold him with so much care. She helps him when he wants something because he’s so helpless, he cannot help himself. Now he progresses from his mother’s arms to crawling, making half speeches and playing with toys also, making dirty all his clothes that he cannot wash for himself. He moves on further from that point to “mum, Jake brings chocolates everyday to school. I want chocolate everyday too“. Now he starts having a mind of his own which is so feeble and still has a lot of correctional stages to go through including lots of filtering needed to be done.

He goes from that point to mum I need money for this item in school. He starts showing minute responsibility which is a big deal to him. He climbs further to college and his mind is becoming stronger. He’s telling mum now to take care of herself, checking up on her and all of that. P.s for everybody going to attack me after now for not involving the father (me laughing). I apologize In advance.

Looking at the very relatable scenario painted and going back to the first lines of this piece, it just brings life in view. Putting growth and life side by side, moving out of the mother and child scenario and bringing it closer to us. Like a child will start growing from small to be an adult years later, that is how we feel. That is how we feel when we start that business and we’re putting in all our best to make it work, to make it stand and when it’s blooming, when we’re getting results, we smile because we’ve given it life. That is how we also feel when we get into that relationship with no direction and we keep trying to make things work and gradually things start falling in place and it becomes beautiful and is the envy of others because 2 people gave it life, they made it grow.

Nothing in life comes easy but the most important thing is starting, the most important thing is taking a step and telling yourself you have to try to make it work and so what if you fail, no knowledge is wasted and your experiences from your failure will always come in handy. Give life to something, start something, grow something and bask in your own achievement.


So, don’t crucify me, I only know half of his middle name so I stuck with the popular end. I’ve known this wonderful personality for close to 8 years now but don’t get it twisted, I only started getting to know him properly about some months ago. He’s a good supporter of TLT BLOG, I could go on and on but in summary, he pays attention to the little things and that is what really matters to me. TLT BLOG, wishes you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, all the best life has to offer, insightful progress and many more you wish for yourself. Stay blessed.