Finally, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. So I was thinking and I had another post in mind but I’ll save that for next time. This post us a mix of written words and just normal writing so I’ll leave you at it.

Stop it, stop it what do you think you’re doing. Nothing, was what I heard as response but that didn’t stop the internal memories from playing out in front of me like I was in the theatre hall alone. Helpless and watching what was supposed to be my life. Different scenes came into view, scene 1: Dad I wasn’t the one who did it, you liar you’ve been lying from birth can you just accept it, it seems quite obvious enough. The only thing running through my mind was no matter how obvious, you can never judge because the mental elements to prove it are not there. I mean, he didn’t know my intentions, there were no proof and this was all hear say. Unfortunately the thoughts of mind wasn’t human with an audible voice nor was it audible enough for father to hear. I finally resolved in my heart and I spoke. I’m not the one and excused myself.

Scene 2: You’re such a disappointment mother said, why must you always bring disgrace and shame to this family. I’ll tell you what I did, simply because my teacher complained about me. Who cannot relate to teachers complaining once or twice about them in high school either to feel like they’re executing their jobs well or you actually committed but I mean, I’m perplexed because it’s never that deep but unfortunately I got emotional beatings . Scene 3: Can you ever be useful In life?, is there anything you can ever get right. What was my crime this time around, I forgot about the rice that was boiling and it got slightly burnt. Not that it couldn’t be eaten. Still I had to pay for it, they couldn’t let go of anything I did. I could go on and on with all the emotional scars that were already imprints on my mind which is what we really go through.

Many a Times, the scars we don’t let go of, the scars we keep looking at are caused by the words of those we hold in high esteem and love so much. We tend to idolize them unknowingly by always saying it and gradually and unconsciously, It becomes a limitation in our minds.
The physical scars matter too because I mean, maybe you were burnt in a fire accident or you were present at a fight and lost your sight. No matter how much you reminisce about that eye or that scar on your body, there’ll always be a had I known and that’s your emotions playing out, that’s the Internal.

Be proud of your scars, let those words that were emotional whips serve as encouragement and the ladder to which you’ll climb to your success. Prove everybody wrong and rise above the doubts of the majority. Once again, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY AND HAVE A SPLENDID WEEKEND.