Feelings, keyword. How they come about, we never can tell. Permit me, I think it’s safe to presumably question: hope your mind is not just set on love and you’re beginning to think and somewhat start feeling emotional?. Well I’m really yet to study feelings deeply but we all know there is a wide range of them. There’s anger, hate, pride, humility ,love, uneasiness, indifference, high irritation, only but to mention a few but I think these are the most common ones.

Sometimes, we tend to not really understand what we’re feeling but the next thing we know is that our mood flips. Then we say we have a mood swing or we’re just in this calm resolved somewhat lost and in-different state. So we’ll all agree that our mood reflects how we’re feeling on the inside. In other words, our feelings control our mood.

What I’m yet to understand, is why some people have issues expressing some of their feelings. Well to an extent, we can establish that religion stops us from expressing some of these feelings sometimes like anger. We can all relate to this fact especially in Africa where we are very religious. You want to get angry at someone and have an out burst, tell the person his life history and you’ll just remember how it’s not christ-like and some people even go far to tell you “if not for God ehn”.

Pride is not an exception, sometimes you find yourself in a gathering and hear somebody just boasting all over the place over what he feels is worth intimidating someone over and to you, what he has cannot be compared to what you have anď you get irritated but you suppress your feelings because you don’t want it to look like you’re showing yourself and you’ll want to mind your business.

On the other hand, feelings like love, should not be hidden. I’m yet to understand why you say you love somebody and you just keep bottling all that love inside you. Sorry, for who to feel?. Amongst other feelings, we’re all humans and there’s only so much we can take. Be free to express your feelings and yourself. Holding back could cause a whole lot. Don’t be a self prisoner.