So from the title of this post, you’ll know that the girl is about to go spiritual. I just gave a soft chuckle. I’ll start with my testimony because it might be a source of inspiration to someone out there and it really is what birthed this posts. I was in church and there was a call to give or will I say sow into the sound of the church and I’ll be very honest with you, as students we can all relate to that period when we just get our monthly allowance and there’s this mad shoe or this weave we want to buy. In this case mine was a shoe and some make-up stuff. Which left me with N3000 for the whole month. I mean it wasn’t mid-November yet. So I started crying inside, it was quite frustrating though.

When the call for sowing came, I’m like God you understand. It’s only 3000. So my conscience was just telling me just give and trust God. I ended up giving 1000, living me with 2000 and it was funny in all honesty like who sent me to spend anyhow. I was laughing at myself though. It’s something I do when I think I’m messing up or I’ve messed up.

I prayed over my seed and was expecting a miracle from heaven. Into the week, there was this job I did and i didn’t expect my pay to come this month or even receive the amount I got. I felt like I was double paid but I was grateful, my seed was yielding harvest. Another job came and i did it. Out of the benevolence of my clients heart for doing a very nice job for her, I got paid extra with benefits. So from 2000 last weekend, I’m left with 13,500.

Diversity of blessings, you want to get results in something, follow the principles to it. The bible is not an exception. You want to get more, you want to prosper, sow into the kingdom, pay your tithe, sow into the lives of men of God that you’re convinced that they are called because not everybody is called. Your parents are not exempted. People that have been blessings to you, that teacher, that lecturer. Give and it’ll come back to you good measures, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Thank God It’s Friday, as we go into the week, let’s remember to serve God in anyway we can because he’s blessings come in diverse ways from the diverse things we do for him.