Hey people, So I was thinking about the word confidence. We hear about it a lot, we use it a lot. Let’s take for example, keys to success or tips to achieving courage, the list is long but the most important thing is that you find confidence as part of those tips . What is confidence?. These days most people just feel they’re confident but in the real sense, they are not practicing true confidence and you ask why, the reason is not far-fetched. It is because most people see confidence as pride and extreme confidence as arrogance.

You see a pretty girl, very pretty and she’s about to go out. She has her make-up done and is even looking prettier. Her girl friend comes along, please don’t complicate matters for yourself, just simply tell her “you look really good” or you can tease “who is the person you’re looking all beautiful for” but No. They want to do other types of teasing and they go, “so you think you’re fine now, you think you look good” and the innocent girl will answer smiling “I don’t THINĶ i look beautiful, I KNOW I look beautiful”. When she steps out, the girl friend starts going up and about looking for who to gossip to about what just happened and you start hearing words like “We know she’s fine must she rub it in our face”. Excuse you, you provoked that response and moreover she was just telling you the truth that she knows she’s beautiful.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Not only in cases like that, sometimes you know you’re so good at a job and a question is asked on who is really good and you reply “I don’t think I’m that good but I can try” or you write an exam that was really very hard for people but easy for you and every one is predicting their grade and you hear “if i can get a C I’ll be happy” and you’re been asked and you’re very sure you nailed it. You’ll now say “I don’t know and shrug your shoulders, I’m Also hoping I pass”. Sorry for you.

True confidence, is what I call that hidden covenant and trust you have with God that gives you the outward boldness people see as pride and arrogance. It is quiet confidence because you don’t go about boasting and bragging. When people question you, you give them direct positive answers because deep down you know God cannot fail. Whatever happens, you know you’re not speaking of your own self but God got you.

So to everybody out there, let the haters talk, don’t be afraid to tell them when they try to classify you as broke that you can never be poor. Don’t let people rub their uncertain future and disbelief about themselves on you. Allow them to wallow In their ignorance and supposed wisdom because you have nothing to prove to anyone. Except you choose to put them out of their mysery and open their eyes to the truth. Have a new definition of confidence today and don’t just have a new definition, BASK IN IT.