I was in the middle, the center and all around me, I was surrounded by the cares of the world all crossed leg sitting on the floor. They knew I was going to go the inspirational way so they were anxious for me to start. Willing to take notes, not just for their personal review but to criticize. I proceeded all the same. The short-cut in life to success is the longest way to get there. Most of the times, we tend to fail because we place riches and fantasy over the values which the various foundations of the world was built on. The more we deviate from our heritage, from our values, the more we get wrong followership and the more society depreciates. I didn’t want to say much, I was in a just there state hence I made my speech very short without a conclusion and said thank you. Taking a seat, I sat down and awaited the first question to be thrown at me. A hand was up and was recognized.

The honourable delegate of prostitution brings everyone present here today greetings from her president. Standing on existing protocols, I have to ask and I beg to differ. It’s easy for you to stand there with all your education and speak when you’ve not been in my shoes and walked my steps. My father raped me at age 6. My mother didn’t believe me. There was no one to talk to. I felt judging eyes all over the world. My innocence was taken and my childhood destroyed. My mates would joke about barbie dolls anď toy men. I laughed because I had to keep up with my facade but deep down I felt they were very stupid.I had to leave with a dad I hated. An ignorant mother that will forever be distant to me.

Struggling to keep my sanity, to be the normal kid in school, my education and a host of other things. To cut the long story short, in my mid teens , I found this boy who really liked me ànd I wanted to let myself love for the first time. The day he got into my pants was the day our relationship ended. There was no point of keeping my sanity, no point of keeping it all together. So here I am, what’s your take on me. She sat down. I was very calm though different thoughts were running through my head. I broke the silence, we’ll take all the questions then answer them one after the other. For today, this session is adjourned, to meet and continue in 2 days time.



He is the definition of a friend, one of my longest friends a whose definitely worth it. I can’t start saying how wonderful he is because that would be another blog post all together. All the same, Happy birthday dear, many more useful years.



So, this happens to be the woman after my own heart, the woman of my life. Today marks another additional year to the life of my mother and I’m really very grateful. I want to thank God for her life and at the same time, wish her many more useful years. I love you MUMMY, have a swell day.