Good day to everyone out there, most especially my faithful readers and followers and HAPPY NEW MONTH TO YOU ALL. We thank God for having brought us thus far to the last month of the year and just incase you’ve not been following our latest mini-series which started two days ago, you really should hook up to it as this is a continuation.

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Couuurrrt rise, I stepped in, took my seat and asked for the person in case question 2.0 to step forward. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I’m the DELEGATE OF ENTERTAINMENT here to represent my colleagues world wide. We are social celebrities, yes there exist academic celebrities, spiritual celebrities, sport celebrities but we the social celebrities involved in art, culture, music and drama, are the world influencers and most of the times role models for the up-coming generation. We are not perfect and we have our short-comings. To stay relevant amidst competition, sometimes the wordings of our songs don’t make sense only the beat, we produce videos that do not really send positive messages to the young minds but this is what put foods on our table, moreover our fans appreciate it. This is how we’re able to cope with the pressure in the industry, dealing with drugs, the struggle to not feel inferior or below your mates you started with. A lot of fake lives come on display through social media but no one really knows what goes down behind the curtain. What’s your take on that.

The person presenting case question 3.0 please step forward. My lord , representing THE ASSOCIATION OF YAHOO BOYS AND SCAMMERS is THE DISTINGUISHED DELEGATE OF FRAUD as present in Section 419 of the criminal code. How are we different from the government? Our politicians swindle money meant for the development of our nation and the improvement of the lives of the masses. The people ache with unemployment, they sleep with poverty and mal-nutrition is already in their genes. They live with suffering as part of their better half while our politicians have the money to take care of their next generation, our money. We need to survive too, why should we be jailed because we are fighting for our survival. Why should we be treated like criminals any less than the politicians?. They also obtain by false pretense, they hide under the guise to help the masses and swindle our money to foreign accounts. What’s your take on this?. With this I rest my case.

My voice silenced the uproar. The court moves for adjournment in 2days time then, we shall be hearing the final verdict. Court rise…