I decided to take this to the streets, were it all started. I was done with the court arena, there was no doubt that it was a verdict but this was more advisory than judgemental. I sat down on the floor with all the delegates around me. Going straight to the point:

On prostitution, that’s a general term and it transcends to people who have sugar daddies or mummies, those who have affairs with married men and women. Yes, the reality is that nobody will ever understand how it’s been for you but then you should be curious to find out the more there is to you. The hidden talent, creative ability or unique gift that you have that the world is waiting to experience. Think about how you’ll bask in the achievement of your profitable hard work.

On entertainment, transcending all genres, let your art speak for you. In a world where people know that values are depreciating, they are silently looking for and hoping on people whose music or fashion will be a source of Inspiration, not only entertaining them but causing therapy to them and healing their souls, causing genuine smiles and happiness and trust me, You sacrifice now and stay true to your art and let your work speak for itself, revealing your essence.

On scammers and fraudsters, let the government be the government. Karma is a bitch and trust me, the rich also cry. Leave the government and work On yourself. The truth will still remain that your measure of success is your current achievement on your assignment compared to how successful God has made you to be in that assignment he has chosen for you. That’s what your measure concern should be all about, your self and fulfillment of your purpose, finding out what God really wants you to do because when you act in line with that, you can trust your success to be sure. Every other thing won’t move you

In summary to influence the society, you have to start with yourself, your community to other communities, causing a global spread at large. It doesn’t take much to cause an influence, just let your life, positive principles and priorities speak for you. Constantly work in yourself to bring out the good and the best of you. Know that you’re not perfect and trust your journey. Above all, trust God. Enter into this new week with glorious splendor and thanks for following up on our mini-series.