Good day people and TGIF!!!

This one’s quite special because it’s the last Friday in the year and we’re drawing the curtains on an amazing 2017. Now looking forward to the new year, 2018 and people have started making resolutions (yeah yeah, we all know that ritual )

Some make plans on self growth and development in different aspects of their life and this could mean cultivating habits that haven’t been existent or on the flip side, cutting out habits(or people) that aren’t needed in achieving their goals in the new year.

People want respect, they want real love, they want to be treated fairly in the new year and trust me, the list is endless. Common practice however is that by mid-year, half of these resolutions are either forgotten or just never actualised. Why? It’s simple… they’re not written, not documented. We just carry these ideas in our heads forgetting that the the faintest ink is sharper than the smartest brain. If the plan is to change, to grow, learn and have new experiences with each passing year, then it’s madness to keep doing the same thing, same way, and expecting a different result.

A preacher once said to me “whatever you plan without documenting is only a wish”. Even the holy book mentions in Habakkuk 2:2 to “write the vision down”. Please document your plans in the new year people! Write them down, look at them, stare, gaze, observe, soak yourself in them.

One last tip: please keep your goals realistic and measurable, don’t set unrealistic ones because they’ll weigh you down. Instead of “I’ll work towards getting physically fit”, why not “I’ll do 20 sit-ups daily”… keep them measurable.

2017 has been amaaaayyyyyy-ziiiing and y’all have been a major part of that. It’s a wrap now and I would like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas in arrears and a happy new year in advance. To all those who have supported me one way or the other, I say a very big thank you, let’s do it again come 2018 🏼. May the good Lord bless us all and keep seeing us through.