Hello people, so I think it’s safe to say that we’ve resumed for the year. Officially, we say a very big happy new year to you and we hope for greater things, achievements and all round expansion this year. I’ll go straight to what birthed this post.

I was around my old neighborhood and y’all know how it can get seeing old faces and remembering how things used to be – oyibo people call it Nostalgia lol.

The current state of things around the area made me feel quite sad but even that couldn’t compare to how broken I’d feel seconds later. Stay with me guys…

I tried to buy meat for the house and in the middle of negotiating with the seller, this little girl approached us and offered to sell pepper to the meat man. Of course I’d seen little children hawk before, but I felt my heart break to a million pieces this time, for some reason I’d never know. I remember fighting back tears as she asked the meat man if he needed some pepper. It got me thinking how unbalanced, how unfair this world and indeed nature is. One word kept resonating… privilege.

Funny know how they say life is a race but never really mention the fact that some people have a head start, a soft landing. It’s easy to ignore the little things, to stroll through life with the mindset that everything is a right. Right to education, Right to healthy food, Right to a good life lol, it’s all just a privilege, an opportunity. The family and friends you have, relationships you’ve built, places you’ve been, everything is an opportunity.

How does that poor girl go home to her parents demanding a right to education? To a good life? Lol, we know what the Nigerian parent’s response will sound like. Which brings me to my final point…


A wise man said appreciation is an application for more.

We need to learn to appreciate the little things, to know that it is someone’s prayer to have the kind of life we do (messed up as it might seem). To show appreciation to friends, family for every tinnie tiny help.

And most times, we do not realise this, but maybe, just maybe, the reason all the big plans in our lives aren’t working out is because we’ve refused to show appreciation for the little ones that did.

I hope this triggered something on your inside just like it did on mine.

Enjoy the rest of the week!