Hello people, so once again we say THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY . Today, we’ll be giving you something light for a blissful transition into your weekend. This was written by a beautiful soul and yes everyone has a beautiful soul varying in different perspectives and stand-points, you’ve just got to find your specialty. Quick tip on how this piece could help you; Don’t try so hard to understand what situation the writer was in when he crafted this. If you think you can, it’s fine. Never the less, any thing bothering on poetry will do you more good if you try to examine your life side by side with the writers words. It makes room for deep thinking and understanding. I’ll drop a big tip before I leave you for the ‘lazy ones‘ ouch ‘selectively participating ones‘, who can’t check up the meaning of ‘conundrum‘.

A difficult question, choice or riddle that must be made, thought about or solved. HERE GOES:

I am Conundrum, and I’m here to stay.

Your insecurities will be my foundation, your self-doubt, walls to my fortress.

I roam in this beautiful mess you call a mind, and I’m puzzled as to why you don’t realize what you have, the power you posses.

Self worthlessness, negligence and a hunger for acceptance from others have deterred you from purpose.

Your heart, caged by ribs, each one symbolizing a fear you can’t overcome.

How do you find peace within, when you deprive the one person that needs your love the most – You.

But then again, I could care less for I am Conundrum, and I am here to stay.

I try my best, trust me, I really do, to fill your mind with all the darkness I can harness, but there’s nothing darker than the emptiness that stems right from your heart. Do you enjoy inflicting pain on yourself? Cos it looks so sometimes and even for me, Conundrum, it’s becoming hard to watch.

I have to go now, I’m leaving. I feel like I have no essence anymore, you have done more damage to yourself than I can.