Hey people and THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!. The post says it all, let’s knock ourselves out.

So as a 6 Year old, I used to watch the boys show off their almost nonexistent muscles as proof of strength. You know, they’d clench fists and hold up their arms in such a manner, it almost touches their shoulder. This was the battle of “super muscles” lol, a show of strength.

Fast-forward 10 years and the definition of the word began to take another meaning. This time, it meant more than just a show of muscles, it was about who could actually beat the other. It didn’t matter who had a larger muscle mass, all that mattered was who ended up crying home after the fight.

Another 10 years and the definition of the word changed again. So it is, in our life cycle, we unknowingly find new meanings to words and this, we learn, only through our experiences.

As an adult, strength draws a deeper meaning. It becomes more internal, more mental, a battle of minds not biceps, and this is the climax of it.

The strength of the adult is in the choices they make daily, to do or not to do, to react or to respond, to go wild or stay quiet. Inside these decisions, lies the true meaning of strength. Remember those cold mornings when you barely had enough sleep and your alarm was out with the annoying sound again… what got you out of bed? Strength. The fact that you could tune your mind to disregard or endure those tough conditions and kept going, that’s true strength.

I dare say that the difference between the wealthy and the poor is in the strength of their character. It’s in the choices they both make. One chooses to persevere, the other settles for mediocrity and gives up after a little beating from this thing called life. Thing is, guys, life in itself is set up to mess with your plans and then you’ll say life is beating you up but then have you asked yourself if you’re the one giving life the reasons to beat you up. Life doesn’t hand anything to you on a platter, so if you’re going to win at life, you’ll have to push against these forces, else they weigh you down.

So how do you draw strength I’m times of weakness? Two points…

Think of the end result of that process, think of the blessings and curses at the end of the road and maybe, just maybe you’d find some strength.

Secondly, look to the giver of life, look to God, humble yourself, accept that you can’t do it alone and ask the one with the roadmap to help and guide you.

Finally guys, take life by the horn, respect your process, appreciate it and always live ready. Don’t let life happen to you, happen to life.