“Que será, será.

Whatever will be, will be.

The future’s not ours to see.

Que será, será”


Familiar lyrics? I’m sure you’re singing along already lol.

So I’ve been reminiscing lately and sincerely, I’ve had quite a lot on my mind. Nothing however, as striking as the lyrics of this song, it just kept coming back and eventually I was forced to pen something down.

It’s the repeating line in the song that hit me really, (“Que Sera Sera” is a French phrase for “What will be, will be” in case you’re wondering). I began to ask myself why it was so, why a particular person/set of people believed that they had not input whatsoever in the outcome of their lives. Why a set of people felt comfortable laying back and watching things unfold right before their eyes rather than making them happen. Then I concluded it could only be a thing of the mind, the mindset, which could controlled by two factors – the environment, and the inner self, the latter only coming into play at a certain age.

So at what point does one breakout really? At what age do you unlearn all that the environment, the society, has taught? This is a question that has no definitive answer, one that varies on a whole lot of factors that are meant for another day and it transcends beyond just that song, it is in our everyday beliefs and ideas about people, men, women, Negros, Caucasians… the list is endless. It helps however to know that the sooner one breaks out of these society-imposed ideologies, the better.

Now we have to stay conscious, stay ‘woke’ like the millennials term it, to every idea imposed on us by every environment we find ourselves in. Home, work, school, there’s always some form of learning in all these locations and we must stay aware and constantly test if these ideas are indeed the truth, or just mere assumptions.

It is no secret that this generation is a bit ahead on intelligence that the one before (no insults intended) so you find people challenging the status quo more nowadays. Nobody wants to be told how to do what or when to do it, people want to break grounds! And I challenge you to do same in your everyday life, believe that you can work out the future you deserve, repeat it to yourself daily, engage in self-development also, never rely on old data because thing change rapidly, trust God, believe in your process and know, that the future IS indeed, ours to see and shape!