HEAVENS OBULE, C.E.O OF MOHO STITCHES, is our ‘YOUTH’ ENTREPRENEUR FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY and we conducted an interview with him that y’all need to check out. If this doesn’t inspire you as a entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, then I really don’t know what else will.



1. Hi, please introduce yourself and what you do.

Hello! My name is Heavens Obule, I am a happy person, an actor, commercial model, economist, entrepreneur and fashion designer.. (I know right… I am bad like that.. Lol)

2. What birthed this passion and how did you get your idea for the business/concept?

My love for fashion and Ankara fabrics in general. My ideas are inspired by God, from t.v, social media, art etc..

3. Who are your role models and what qualities in them inspired you?

Maiatafo is my role model in the fashion realm. His “trying to outdo himself” quality really inspires me. In the acting realm, the famous Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD). His consistency quality inspires me a lot.

4. What were your major challenges launching out?

Hmmmm, every entrepreneur’s biggest challenge is financial constraints, but I would say the fear of what people would say about my fashion brand scared me at first… but thank God I overcame.

5. Who are the people that show support for your dream the most?

Ha! My dear, my friends oh! Chai! I am tempted to mention names but I’m scared I might miss one or two names and I don’t want to enter wahala.. Lol…
But I must say, my friends helped me a lot and also my parents, they played an important role in supporting me in all ramifications.

6. What has been the most humbling experience in your journey so far?

Hmmmmm, let me think.. Yes! It was when I wasn’t able to meet up to a customer’s demand and I had to literally rehearse what I would say to apologize.. Lol.. It was really tough because I promised the customer that the product would be ready but due to circumstances beyond my reach, I disappointed..

7. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made and how did you learn from it?

Yes! Not having a business plan and pumping in money to making goods without a proper survey. Breaking that down, like letting supply create demand (Instead of the other way round.) I made goods thinking buyer to buy, but they didn’t due to poor publicity and I made a loss. (It hurts, cause it was my school fees I used. Thanks to my dad, he saved me from the shackles of disgrace).
So I have learnt to plan my business first before pumping money to it.

8. What stands you out as a person and as an entrepreneur?

I find it difficult to answer this question because I am really indifferent about the whole “what stands you out saga” I just say GRACE, both as a person and an entrepreneur because notwithstanding what you think you have, someone has it too, but Grace just supersedes.

9. Any major setbacks?

Still financial constraint basically.

10. Have you made any sacrifices to realize your dreams? Tell us about them.

I have two major dreams, one, to be the best seller of shoes, Ankara fabrics, clothes and bags. Two, to be a rock to reckon with in the Hollywood industry as a veteran actor. So in achieving the first? I have made endless sacrifices in accomplishing that by even going as far as using my school fees(as said earlier) and burning the mid night candle, brainstorming on what strategy to employ etc…
For my second dream, I attend numerous auditions, rehearse lines (literally became a mad man in the house, cause I always try out new characters.. Lol) and pray.. Anyways, I know say hustle go pay one day…

11. Where do you see yourself/business in 5 years?

Ha! By His Grace, I see my business going places. Celebrities wearing and advertising my brand, a big shoe store would be set up and either a nice apartment or shop would be equipped with sewing machines where the “magic ” would be done ( You feel me?… 🤣)

12. What inspires you?


13. What’s your biggest lesson till date?

Never PROCRASTINATE.. I had to put that in capital letters because it has dealt with me (*sober*)

14. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

My dear, be YOURSELF and know that life isn’t really that serious, so give yourself a break and be HAPPY, everything would be fine…
Business wise: I would say, PRAY! It’s only God that would reveal that business to you and when He does, work hard in making it a reality and don’t mind what people say at first, because trust me, there would be discouragements from people (even friends) at first, continue pushing, one day “maga go pay “…..THANKS

So, these are some of HEAVENS works below;


INSTAGRAM: @heavensobule

BUSINESS HANDLE: @mohostitches