My head is spinning in different directions on how to start this lol, I’m buzzing! for starters, I’m sorry this came 3 days later than the actual date, preventing it was inevitable..oh well…I never saw this coming tbh. I remember the excitement of having a website to myself hitting me back in secondary school, it was more of a crush than true love at first and maybe that’s why it faded quickly. True love for the art of blogging found me in my 2nd year in uni and with the help of a coach, I got lessons around the art. It was all about the the popularity at first, won’t lie, I thought this was going to be a ride in the park lol, boy how wrong was I.

I remember my first post, the excitement of finally having something up and everyone commenting, it felt good. The the next series of daily posts that surely came with challenges, poor network the most annoying of them as I had to wake up super early to put out posts. But then I got better, articles became more serious, the vision became a little clearer and as I journeyed on, I realised it wasn’t just about me now, it was more. This was a turning point.

All I started to look for thereafter was how I could be a voice, cause a change and have something keeping me in check. I often tell people that I’m my own patient because I find what keeps me sane – words. I’ve created, and I’m still creating safe rooms in them to run to whenever I need. I’m ready to share that with the world.

I thank God cos it’s been Him all the way. For deep insight, inspiration, grace and strength to keep going. 120 posts after and Lois is still standing lol, can’t believe it! You’d agree with me also that the blog wears a much better look than when it started also.

To all my readers my followers, y’all have been y support and without you, I’d be talking to a mirror. Thank you for every link that you’ve opened. For every comment you’ve made, every constructive criticism, every encouragement.

God keep us all, let’s do more mileage 🏼