First of, THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!..LOL. Hii guys, I’m a bit worked up and I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I get to take a break. So yesterday was INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY and I think it’s safe to say that it was well celebrated around the world, social media inclusive. From celebrating great women that have made global impacts, to celebrating sisters, friends, mothers, grand-mothers and the list is long. So I thought I should drop a thing or two.

For starters, I want all girls, ladies and women out there to never compare themselves to men in any way. Apart from the fact that generally everybody is unique in their own way and there can only be one of you in this world, you should also have it in mind that you’re stronger and more internally built than men [sorry to the guys, I advice you don’t hate on me because this is not a feminist post..]

Being more internally built looking at the strength from within, depicts more strength in itself. Growing up, it felt like the world perceived women as weak. Excuse you, don’t confuse our soft, tender and caring heart for weakness because when you thread on us and we’ve had enough, we’ll show you that HELL HAD NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED..[just saying you know.]. Women should not just be appreciated on one special day, I mean it shouldn’t just be an annual ritual. Personally to every individual, it should be a normal ritual.

It’s a sad thing these days that most women have forgotten their place and who they really are. Should we blame it on society? NO, I think not. You hear things like women are scum.. You see instagram slay queens with fake lives. Women stealing other women’s crowns [having a sugar daddy, someone’s husband…or going behind your best-friend to get her man] and the list is long. Most women out there are quick to say that men are scum but have you asked yourself, who caused them to be that way?. To a ‘great extent‘, whether you like it or not, the reality remains that it’s your fellow woman..[not to make excuses for men].

I could go on and on talking about women in different dimensions and areas but trust me, you wouldn’t read a post that long. Amidst everything, as women it is important we learn how to support ourselves. I mean let’s genuinely take a cue from guys [like seriously]. We should be conscious of our worth and pay no attention to body shamers. Also, learn to step up your self-esteem and self worth game. Don’t be afraid to raise those standards for you because you know what you want and you refuse to settle for less. Be the best form of yourself you can be in a positive way and trust me, the world will adjust. Once again, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.