Trust me, I really do not know the inspiration behind this wonderful poster that I designed. I was just goofing around and feeling graphical. lol. All the same, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!!. My apologies for not posting regularly on Wednesdays, been occupied with a lot but very soon everything will be balanced. Down to business.

-To mentally support

-To give hope

-To motivate.

That’s what it means to encourage.

How can I do that for someone, I’ll draw closer… How can I do that for my close friends, the people I love if I can’t do that for myself. How can I encourage you, if I’ve not encouraged myself. Some of our words and actions have to take bearing and root from our lives, only then can they begin to manifest and blossom. Their true nature becomes established and known all over.

Ever wonder why someone gives you an advice and when you see him do the contrary, you discard it as worthless. Truth is we sometimes are ignorant of the fact that the person lives contrary to his advice, you just find yourself not following that advice. I’ve come to realize that the world will be a better place if most people stopped carrying out the work of a counsellor.

People should start focusing on encouraging themselves before encouraging others, only then can it make real impact.

I was listening to a young preacher talk about courage and in his words, he said courage is focusing on your potential and not your problems. To encourage others, you have to be courageous. You have to develop theories, these theories have to be tested by you and on you before introducing them to someone else. Most of the words we tell people are empty, they hold ño foundational truth. Down to our corrections and criticisms, we fail to realize that when we correct someone without giving them a better way to do things, we have criticised and not corrected.

So the questions remain… you who wants to encourage, have you looked at your potentials and worked on them so well that you don’t see your problems? . Have you motivated and supported your own self before others? And do you have enough courage to encourage others?

Remember guys, you can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t pour oil from an empty vessel. this is me giving you something light and thoughtful, HAVE A SPLENDID WEEKEND.