Hii guys, sorry for the inconsistency. Just to give you more heads up I’ll be inconsistent for a while due to issues beyond my power. However, I’ll try my best to be here whenever I can. So..SELF-LOVE..Its more than posting pictures on your gram with a (SELF-LOVE HASH TAG). When talking about self-love, there are different dimensions to it that have children and some may even have There’s self-value, there’s self-development, there’s self-reality…among other hidden parts.

Self-value..a lot of us to an extent, know that value is the WORTH or importance you attach to something. So the question here is, can you measure the love you have for yourself through the amount of importance you place on your self?. The word WORTH is key in defining VALUE. Hence, what’s your self-worth? What do you worth to yourself?. I’ll leave you to rate yourself.

Self-development.. this is really key. The first stage in this is SELF-KNOWLEDGE, Do you love yourself so much to develop yourself?. Now let me break that down for you by asking some questions you need to ask yourself. Do you know your flaws and imperfections? Do you know your positive and negative triggers? Do you know your likes and dislikes?..the list is really long but every question falls under the umbrella labelled ‘HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOURSELF?’

When you don’t know yourself, you cannot set standard, principles, priorities. You let people define you because you failed to define yourself. This is really bad because it affects your relationships generally with people. You live by people’s definition of you and you might not see this but this makes people control you and then when they leave, you feel empty like there’s nothing to leave for and if you’re not careful, you repeat the same process all over again.

Now, you know yourself, what are you doing to work on the knowledge you have of yourself. You have a negative habit, how are you trying to fight it, you know your passion, how are you trying to improve yourself in that field, you’ve set goals for yourselves how are you trying to achieve them. This is the ACTION STAGE. What action are you taking in line to better yourself.

Self-reality.. this is also really important because a lot of people might value themselves, have good confidence, develop themselves but are still questioning the thing they’ve not done right because something seems to be missing. Ask yourself, DO YOU TELL YOURSELF THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF?. A lot of people avoid this and to do this, you have to..judge yourself consistently when speaking and making decisions. By judging, I mean critisice yourself internally, ALL ROUND, you have to carefully weigh your words and actions, you have to ask questions and examine things, situations and scenarios around you.

Yes, nobody is perfect, you don’t have to get it right. We’re only humans, flawed with our various imperfections but if you carefully examine these things, It’ll help you to curb those imperfections and flaws and help you grow in becoming a better person.